1001 Famous Tailors of the World – From America, Asia, and Europe

famous tailors of the world

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Famous Tailors in the World. These tailors are reputable for their high-quality work and dedication to excellence. Our selection is made taking in consideration the main countries in the fashion industry.

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As you may know, a tailor is someone who specializes in mending or altering clothing. They also make new clothes by cutting cloth with great skill and precision. Famous tailors are known for their techniques of cutting complicated designs into pieces of cloth without unraveling them; they can then sew these together into one piece of clothing that has never been done before!

This list includes some famous tailors and brands from USA, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and others

Famous tailors in the United Kingdom

Savile Row

In Mayfair (central London) there is a street called Savile Row considered by many as the main reference for world-class tailoring. According to Ape To Gentleman’s some of them are:

Other Famous British Tailors

  • Charlie Allen
  • Lutwyche
  • Timothy Everest
  • Mark Powell
  • Steven Hitchcock Bespoke
famous tailors in england

Famous tailors in the USA

In New York we can find some of the more reputated tailors or tailoring brands in the world. Some of the firms as Alan David Custom Tailors have almost a century in the business. The following list of 17 have been posted by Expertise as the top ones out of 1,705 applying a different selection criteria such as availability, qualifications, reputation, experience and professionalism

  1. 6 Avenue Tailors 
  2. Alexander West 
  3. Alterations NYC 
  4. Beyond Bespoke 
  5. Custom Men 
  6. J. Lucas Clothiers 
  7. La Rukico Tailors 
  8. Mohan’s Custom Tailors 
  9. Robinson Brooklyn 
  10. Alan David Custom Tailors
  11. Alteration Specialist 
  12. Asilah Tailoring 
  13. Born To Tailor 
  14. Imparali 
  15. L & S Custom Tailors 
  16. LS Men’s Clothing & Custom Suits 
  17. Reeves 
famous tailors in USA

Other tailor celebrities from North America

Newyorkers apart, this other article mention some outstanding tailors from other states in the US:

  1. G& V Tailoring (California)
  2. Tarpy Talors (California)
  3. Irene Rocha Tailor (Connecticut)
  4. The Tailored Fit (Indiana)

Famous tailors in France

As Maria Callas one said “Paris dictates fashion to the whole world.” This beautiful singer who born in New York and died in Paris had a point. According with an article written by Paul McQueen and posted on Culture Trip, these are some of the greatest tailors from the city of light:

  1. Camps de Luca
  2. Artling
  3. Cifonelli
  4. The French Tailor
  5. Dormeuil
  6. Maison Rambure
  7. L’Atelier Hoche
  8. Scavini
  9. Charvet
  10. Samson
famous tailors in France

But as France is more than Paris, why not mention the best tailors of Bordeaux. The city of Bourdeaux is one of the oldest cities in France and it is considered by many to be one of the best places to live.

In the words of Jennifer Migan the 11 of Bordeaux’s Best Tailors are:

  1. Atelier NA
  2. Jean Pierre Ginestet
  3. L’Atelier 5
  4. Buzoni
  5. Sing Yam

Best tailors in Italy

Italy is where some of the most famous clothing brands have born. Nevertheless Neapolitan cut and Milanese silhouette are different. Clothing style is different depending on the city where it is made.

Famous tailors in Italy are known for their high-quality work and unique style. Taking the opinion of Teo van den Broeke (Esquire.com) “The 6 Tailors Who Have Shaped Italian Style” are:

  1. Caruso
  2. Kiton 
  3. Rubinacci
  4. Isaia
  5. Boglioli
  6. MP Massimo Piombo 
famous tailors in Italy

Tailors celebrities in Japan

Tokyo is one of the prefered destinations for high fashion. In Tokyo, a lot of people who make clothes for men are learning from other places and then coming back to make better clothes here. Following David Coggins’s article posted on the Reb Report, some of the Japanese tailors you need to know are:

  1. Sartoria Ciccio
  2. Yohei Fukuda
  3. Strasburgo
famous tailors in Japan

Popular Bespoke Tailors in Germany

Berlin is one of the most important capitals for fashion in Europe. Famous tailors are not just from Italy or UK, Germany also has great brands and tailors. According with an article written by Boyana Ivanova and posted on the Be Global Fashion Network Magazine these are the top 7 most popular tailors in Berlin:

  1. Monokel 
  2. Brandstetter
  3. Hellmann 
  4. Purwin and Radczun
  5. Alexander Amann – Berlin’s Youngest Bespoke Tailor 
  6. Volkmar Arnulf 
  7. Berlin Bespoke suits 
famous tailors in Germany

Famous Tailors in India: Mumbai, Delhi and Bangladesh

Having been a British colony, India have inherited the art and techniques of skilled tailors from England. Famous tailors from India are known to be the best in Asia. In “The best bespoke tailors in India” Shivangi Lolayekar listed the below mentioned:

  1. Paresh Lamba – Bengaluru / Hyderabad – Mumbai
  2. Diwan Saheb – Delhi, Jaipur, Ludhiana
  3. Herringbone & Sui – Mumbai
  4. The Prestige Man Store – Bengaluru, Chennai
  5. The Darzi – Delhi
  6. Tailorman – Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata
  7. Syed Bawker & Co.- Chennai
famous tailors in India

Mexican Famous Tailors

Mexico is less known for having a tailoring tradition than for its piramids, anciant culture, food and Mariachi music. However according to Alejandro Peregrina’s article posted on bad Hombre Magazine called “The best artisan tailoring houses in Mexico” a nice recommendation could include at least three:

  1. HAVOC
famous tailors in Mexico
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