Using a Non-US Supplier: Buying from a U.S Company versus Overseas

Security and guarantees
When you are buying from a supplier in the United States you know that you have some comfort in the fact that the person you are buying from must follows certain laws of their home states and the federal government as well as the fact that your credit card company may back you up if something goes wrong.When buying from a supplier located outside of the U.S. it is rare that a telephone number is supplied; when it is, it is a very expensive call. You are at their mercy in that you usually will not be able to call them in the event there is a problem or you simply want to change something or need the status of your order. In many countries neither the government nor the companies you are dealing with are not as security conscious as we are in the U.S. about your credit card information.
Another issue to consider is duty. All fabric items that are imported into the U.S. have an11% duty that is levied, this includes clothing, labels and patches among other items. Professional manufacturing importers pay the same duty percentage but at a lower cost because their cost is lower.
Shipping as a whole is much less expensive for the professional importer than it is for individuals by as much as 50%. If items are sent via EMS (same as our U.S. Postal Service) there is a much larger chance the order will be lost in transit and if this occurs you may suffer a complete loss. You can go to your credit card company and make the claim the order wasn’t shipped but if the merchant provides a proof of shipment, you the recipient will not recover your loss.
Hazardous Materials
Another factor to consider today is the dyes and other materials being used to make labels and embroidered patches. The U.S. Government has been warning people about products that contain lead, asbestos and other materials that can cause harm to you.

When you are dealing with people outside of the U.S. it is difficult if not impossible to persuade a manufacturer to back up his work.

The officers at Linx Corporation have 10 plus years importing and exporting to and from various parts of the world. Sometimes things are not as easy or straightforward as they appear.

Whether you buy from us or someone else you should have the confidence that you will get what you asked for with a guarantee that if there are factory defects or your order was produced incorrectly that it would be replaced.

Linx Corporation guarantees all products from defects and can assure you that we have investigated all materials that are used in the manufacturing of our products to assure that only safe and appropriate materials are used.