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Firefighters are some of our bravest men and women in the United States Public Service. We take the role of providing custom fire department patches seriously and have a proven list of Departments that count on us for their Custom Fire Department Patches.

Custom Fire Department Patches are an integral part of the uniform and they cannot settle for anything less than perfection. If you want to design and create the perfect custom embroidered patch; you’ve found the right resource in us. We have a team of experts ready to work with you to create a patch your unit will be proud to wear.

Your department needs to know that your fire company patches are not only beautifully designed, but also durable and long-lasting. Rest assured in knowing you have put your trust in the right team with Sienna Pacific for your Custom Patches.

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“Great customer service, great value for money, great quality, great everything!
Jan Heidal, Minnessota
“We just got them. Thank you. You guys did an amazing job. They look great.”
Kyle Q., Hermann EMS

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DID YOU KNOW this about our Armed Forces Uniforms?

We all know the design of the U.S. flag are the colors of red, white, and blue. Any other colors violate the U.S. Code. It’s in Chapter 1, Title 4, of the United States Code.
The Joint commanders make the decision as to whether or not the wear of a full-color flag and this is done for morale purposes. It is believed to be more important than having all aspects of the uniform camouflaged.

Uniform Patches differ from Morale Patches.

We produce hundreds of moral patches for our Military! Please check out our Morale Patches link and get an idea of what other items are worn by our men in uniform.


They do an excellent job with the embroidery and I always get exactly what I ordered.
Berta Nicol-Blades.
King County Search and Rescue.
Seattle, Washington