Top Ideas & Inspiration for Your Custom Logo Patches

Looking for some inspiration for your custom designed patches? Here you have a bunch of them.

Patch ideas for Uniforms: Institutions, Departments, Schools or Teams

Check out many patches for uniforms we have manufactured through more than 15 years fulfilling the needs of customers in and out the US.

Used by the army, navy airforce, marines and coast guards.

Samples of Patches made for fire rescue units and EMS companies 

Embroidered, woven or PVC, choose the one that best suits your type of uniform

Get to know some the US police agencies that consistently trust in our work.

Learn the type of materials available for your police badges and how they look like.

See how to display properly the official color palette used for uniforms camouflage.

Identify Tactical Units, Police Officers, Private Security services, Patrols, detectives and so on.

Get inspired with several patches designs made for martial arts school uniforms

Improve your team’s morale by showing up their achievements: cups/tournaments.

Mixing your company logo with your flag help convey you support your country and empathize with patriots.

Patches help identifying troops, packs ranks, cubs, chiefs, and serve as recogition for outstanding behavior.

Patch Design Ideas to Promote Your Company or Business!

Regarding the design, prior to comming up with an idea, it is advicible to learn first the options available by the state of the art: you can make them 2D or 3D, you have a number of backing options, few materials, and strategic places where to attach them in order to assure people will see them.

An awesome place to display your patches. Depending on the material you choose there will be different ways for attaching them to your hats.

Every PVC patches make use of layers and high relief, but on a side view, you can notice squared (2D) or rounded angles (3D)

Learn the type of stitching and color threads available, see successful embroidery designs, and how coverage determines prices.

Unlike the embroidered ones, woven patches are not made over a piece of fabric, they are pieces of fabric themself made out of interlaced thin threads, that’s why they allow a higher detailed outcome.

Patches made out of polyvinyl chloride are soft, bendable and give a young, uptodate look that will catch the eye of your potential customers

Top 10 Patch Ideas for Branding

Click on the link above for a fun read about this topic, it might inspire you!

A Californian gym chose PVC patches as a part of their branding strategy.

Due to the high amount of details we suggested them using woven instead of embroidery.


Nothing like PVC to convey strength and flexibility, perfect for an Olympic Weightlifting coaching business.


Another logo patch made out of PVC to reinforce a message of strength and durability

This company also chose the awesome features of PVC to promote their business.

An sport line clothing producers from Connecticut used these patches to identify hats and giveaways.

As Linx Barbell did, you can also make 3 different types of patches with the same mold for the same price.

A weatherproof product should have a weatherproof patch: PVC was again the right choice!

If your target audience are punks and metal heads better choose embroidered patches to give them an oldstyle look.

An airsoft field company ordered these PVC patches with their logo to promote their business.