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Custom Embroidered Patches with Your Logo – Made Easy!

Let’s take your custom embroidered patches to the next level. 20 Years of experience and the best online customer service.

You need a high quality custom patch maker. And we trust our quality simply based on our ability to accurately translate your design ideas to our embroidery machines, plus detailed quality control.

We use the highest quality twill using equally high quality colored threads then sew the computer generated pattern of threads direct embroidered into the twill to form the exact design that you want.


24 hours


3 days


3 weeks

Your Custom Embroidered Patches Options


We have options to choose from for all your patch needs. The type of backing you choose for your custom patch order can contribute to the overall cost.

plain back patches
Plain Backing

Custom sew-on patches with paper backing for permanent attachment.
– name patches

custom iron on embroidered patches
Iron on Backing

Custom Iron on Embroidered Patches are the best choice in patches for custom hats, jackets, backpacks, vests, shirts. Iron on Patches.

velcro patches
Velcro Backing

Adding Velcro to your patch will make it easy on/easy off.

peel and stick patch
Adhesive Backing

Easy Peel and stick backing makes it easy to attach them to any article of clothing. (Much easier than using fabric glue)

Borders / Edges

Your patch has two options for border type. Depending on the shape your art is will determine what type of border is possible.

Merrow patches

A Merrow Border is typical on simple shapes such as round, shield, square or rectangles.

Laser Cut

laser cut patches

Laser Cut Border is used if your patch design is geometric or has a complex shape with sharp edges to it.

Create Your Patches With The Best Custom Patch Maker

Send us your design, select your options of backing, border and coverage, and we will get your custom patches made. Easy!

“The communication was excellent. I loved the idea of a tangible proof of the patch I wanted. And the turn around of the actual order was awesome! Price was great and I will be a repeat customer very soon!

Brad Self” – Hi-Vis Overland
reflective patches

Free Quote Request

4 Easy Steps Designed To Guarantee Customer Satisfaction


1 Choose your patch type. PVC, Embroidered, Woven or Printed


2 Pick Your Patch Size. Anything from 1/2 inches to 12 inches


3 Choose your Patch Shape. From a Standard Circle or Square, or a Customized Shape.


4 Choose Your Patch’s Backing. Sew-on, Iron on, Velcro or Adhesive Backing.

Show me more samples!

morale patches

Commitment, Patriotism, Integrity” Patch, with merrow border.

motorcycle patches

Hoka Hey Memorial Ride 2015 Patch, with merrow border.

American Flag Patches

Troop 524, Wichita, KS Patch, with merrow border.

Scout patches – american flag patches

high quality patches

These are very high quality patches, the thread colors are brilliant and their representative we worked with, (Sales Representative), couldn’t have been more helpful. We already have our club members asking for contact info to use Linx for their own businesses.
– sports patches – soccer patches

Learn to Design your Own Embroidered Patch


embroidered patches coverage

The illustrations on this page can serve as a guide to the embroidery percentage (embroidery coverage) on your custom patches.

Consider the embroidery patch samples illustrated with the understanding that the dark or shaded
areas are embroidered and the white area represents the (un)embroidered underlying twill.
You can customize the size, shape, number of colors, backing, border (edge)… almost ANYTHING IS IMPORTANT!

How much coverage does your patch embroidery design have?

Simply compare it to the examples and find the one that looks closest – it is not an exact science
and we are always here to help you and answer any questions.

Most embroidered patches run between 50% and 80% of coverage

And that makes it simple for you to closely estimate your price per patch. Setup for patches varies from $0 to $40.
Setup cost doesn’t change if you buy 99,49 or 39 (although the price for 99 is way better than the price for 39!).

Since very few patches fall in the category below 50% coverage, and the cost of setting up the machines and designing the patch is virtually the same for all designs, we start our pricing with the 50% category.

Embroidered logo patches are composed at least of two elements: The base fabric material (Twill) and the threads that stitch the design together (Threads).

There are many different twill and thread suppliers and the thread colors and shades vary, and we make a great effort matching your specified colors RGB, CMYK, PMS or just by name (such as “Kelly Green”), color is subjective to each person’s eye, computer resolutions and calibrations, ink in your favorite printer and so forth.

We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS)  to match the specified colors and then match to the closest thread/twill color charts available to us.

Types of Stitching

Satin Embroidery Stitch

satin stitch
Satin Stitch: Minimum thickness: 1mm (about 3/64″ ~ 2.8pt)

Running Stitch

running stitch
Running Stitch: Minimum thickness: 0.5mm (about 3/128″ ~ 1.4pt)
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Let’s Get Started

If you are thinking about ordering your custom embroidered patches, you just have to fill a simple form and our expert Sales Reps will get back to you within 24 business hours. We will guide you through every step of the process.


pvc patches

PVC Patches

  • 7 Days for Pre-Production Sample
  • 15 Business Days Turnaround time
woven patches

Woven Patches

  • 2-5 Days for Pre-Production Sample
  • 10-15 Business Days Turnaround time
printed patches

Printed Patches

  • 7 Days for Pre-Production Sample
  • 15 Business Days Turnaround time

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