Do you need Embroidered Labels or Woven Labels?

Woven Labels vs. Embroidered Labels

If you want to give your products a very handmade feeling, then you might be thinking of using embroidered labels instead of woven labels.

The image below illustrates the difference between woven and embroidered labels:

woven vs embroidered labels

The embroidered label is made by embroidering the design on a backing, like a piece of twill or ribbon, just like embroidered caps and t-shirts where the thread can be felt in relief from the fabric.

In the woven label, the design is woven from threads, creating a one-piece product, making it more durable, and a more polished finish that reflects in a more professional look.

Our commitment to our customers forces us to create only durable, high quality products, that will help you and your business grow and get the best value for your money, therefore we don’t manufacture embroidered labels.

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