Custom Sports Patches

Are you looking for custom sports patches to show your team’s spirit and unify each member? Sienna Pacific has just the thing! We offer a variety of patches that can be customized with embroidered, woven, printed or pvc designs. Whether you’re an individual player or coach in charge of an entire team we have exactly what you need to make sure everyone feels connected. Customizing these patches is a fun way to add personality & style while representing your sport proudly!

Introducing Custom Sports Patches by Sienna Pacific

As a wholesale supplier, we offer beautifully made patches suitable for any kind of sport. Whether you’re looking for airsoft, baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, paintball, soccer, volleyball or weightlifting patches – you can find the perfect design with us! We have the tools and skills to craft designs that can properly represent your team or company logo.


1. Airsoft Patches

Airsoft is an increasingly popular sport that requires the use of realistic replica firearms. Airsoft enthusiasts who are looking for a way to represent their passion need look no further than Sienna Pacific’s airsoft patches. Available in embroidered, woven, printed or PVC fabrications, these stylish patches will lend the perfect finishing touch to any airsoft outfit.

2. Baseball Patches

Now you can identify your team, club or school with our wholesale baseball patches. From stadiums and players to logos and championships- we can make any kind of design that you come up with. Choose from embroidered, woven, printed or PVC options -all made with high-quality material that is sure to last a lifetime.

3. Basketball patches

Basketball fans can show off their passion for the sport and strive for a higher level of play with high-quality, custom basketball patches from Sienna Pacific. Show your team spirit with a sleek basketball patch designed to last through rigorous practice sessions and tournament games.

4. Football patches

Football teams often use customized patches to show team solidarity and pride. The patches can feature the team’s logo, colors, or mascot and are typically worn on the jerseys of players.

5. Golf patches

Customized golf patches have become increasingly sought after in amateur and professional sports alike. In recreational leagues, they serve to commemorate memorable tournaments or accomplishments, acting as a veritable “badge of honor” that competitors can wear and display proudly.

6. Hockey patches

Hockey patches are a popular way for teams to unify their look and represent the athletes on their team. To do this, many hockey teams turn to custom hockey patches designed specifically to showcase the team’s logo or motto. In addition to promoting a unified look, custom hockey patches are also great souvenirs that can keep memories alive long after a successful season has completed.


7. Lacrosse patches

Lacrosse is a high-energy sport that has spread its influence across the world. Players wear custom designed uniforms which sometimes feature personalized lacrosse patches that symbolize club spirit or individual accomplishments, such as conference titles or MVP awards.

martial arts patches

8. Martial arts patches

Martial arts patches offer a unique way to show school pride and let people know what type of martial art you specialize in. Embroidered or woven patches are great for adorning uniforms for styles such as judo, karate, taekwondo, ninja, tai chi, and aikido.

paintball pvc patches 512x512

9. Paintball patches

Our paintball patches are frequently requested with hook and loop backing for easy put on and take off so your team’s identity can stay highly visible during a competitive match. 


10. Soccer patches

Soccer patches are popular among teams of all sizes, from little kids dreaming big on weekend rec squads to adults feverishly taking part in international tournaments. These patches are usually created with a club logo or its mascot, helping the players feel proud and united under their team’s symbol.

11. Volleyball patches

Custom volleyball patches are a popular choice for many volleyball teams, leagues and organizations. They give teams a chance to display their team’s identity, or accomplishments such as winning a championship or providing recognition for individual players on the court.

12. Weightlifting patches

By wearing weightlifting patches, athletes demonstrate their commitment and dedication to this type of exercise, as well as unity with other enthusiasts.

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