You’ve probably seen this symbol before.

Thin Blue Line

This solid blue horizontal line or bar bordered on the top and bottom by black rectangles has become a well known symbol in support of our fallen officers. You’ve probably seen them on the front license plates, stickers on rear windows, t-shirts, websites, tattoos, and most commonly as a profile picture on social media sites. With so much notoriety, you may be wondering what does the thin blue line emblem really mean?

The Emblem

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The emblem is simple enough, but holds the weight of multiple meanings; each one centering on the same concept. That our police officers stand as the thin line that protects us – the community, from them – the criminal. The blue is derived from the traditional color of police uniforms; most municipal police still wear blue, and blue has long been associated with law enforcement. The background color itself is neutral; it’s only purpose is to simply emphasize the blue line.

Creativity with the Blue Line

To some, the thin blue line emblem simply means a show of support for police, acknowledging the role they play in society. To others, it represents the solidarity and brotherhood that police officers share as fellow professionals. With that said, many have taken the blue line and incorporated it into their unique custom designs for soft PVC Patches, embroidered patches and labels.

CUSTOMIZING a Patch to show your support for our Police Enforcement

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Whatever your team, group or interest is; there is always a way to show your solidarity by customizing your own patch (or mini badge) with the Thin Blue Line. Contact us so that we can help you incorporate this message into your logo.