Should I Iron or Should I Sew?

This question gets asked all the time and I’m hoping I can help you come to an answer that works for you individually.

First off, you have made that very important  decision to custom brand your line by creating a custom label.   Congratulations!   You’ve made a wise decision and know that you want to make that distinct impression in your marketplace.   Now what?     It’s  time for your next major decision, and it may seem simple, but it can be a hard choice to make!

Should I iron my label on or should I sew it on?

I’m going to keep it simple.   Because if you are anything like me; you want it simple!   I put together a short list of facts for both ways.   Hopefully, this will help you decide which type of label is right for you.

Iron on Labels

  • affix easily with the use of a regular ironing board.
  • are ideal for people do not have access to a sewing machine (or want to sew).
  • are not compatible with all fabrics types.  Make sure yours can stand up to heat transfers.
  • are ideal for application to odd shaped garments (like hats, ties, purses, pockets, hems).
  • may need to be replaced if the garments are frequently washed or heavily worn.

Sew In Labels

  • need to be sewn by either yourself or a seamstress.
  • can be applied to any fabric without limitations.
  • are permanently affixed, without the need to be replaced.
  • can be applied to just about any part of a garment.

If you are still not sure what you want to do that is what we are here for.   Call us up and let us know about your product.   From start to finish, this is what we do and we are happy to help.

And, if you didn’t already know this, I wanted to be sure you were aware that we are here to help you with your labeling projects from start to finish.    All you have to do is ask!

Happy Sewing (or Ironing!!)

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