Handmade Quilts: Treasures for Generations to Come

quiltsA handmade quilt is so much more than just a bed cover- it is a beautiful, artistic expression of who you are. Handmade quilts can keep you warm, decorate your home, and become cherished treasures for generations to come. Today’s handmade quilts feature bright, imaginative patterns and colors that are designed to add something to every home. While many people think of grandmothers quilting for their families, the truth is that quilts are gaining popularity among people of all ages who recognize the value and beauty of a one-of-kind quilt.

Even those who do not have experience in quilting can see the beauty of these pieces. While some of the patterns may seem nearly impossible to complete by hand, quilting is a great hobby even for beginners. If you are considering quilting for the first time, consider joining a quilting group or taking classes. Not only will you learn a new skill, you’ll also have a great time!

So what do you do with handmade quilts after they are done? It may seem that you’ll run out of uses after you make one for your bed, but the truth is that people love them, and they make one of the most special gifts that anyone will ever receive. Baby quilts are one of the best examples- smaller than adult-sized quilts, creating a baby quilt takes less time than an adult quilt, but is a treasured heirloom that any new mother would enjoy receiving. Many people also love to display quilts on quilt racks, and some people even change them several times a year to update their home’s decor. The demand for homemade quilts is increasing so quickly that selling quilts has become a highly lucrative hobby for some quilters.

The demand for handmade quilts has led to a number of innovations in this centuries old art. Designs for quilts are inspired by nature, life, and geometrical designs, and they are an ideal way to express your creativity. Quilts are made for keeping people warm, decorating homes, used as rugs, and included as part of furnishings. Specialty quilts for children and even pets are more popular than ever!

woven labelsMany quilters sell their creations or give them as gifts, which has led quilters to look for a way to label their handmade quilts. Some of them, have begun including labels on their quilts as a way of adding a signature to their creations. While there are a number of options on the market, the favorite for most quilters are woven labels.

Woven quilt labels can contain anything you want the recipient of your quilt to know- your name or logo, the fabrics used to make it, how the quilt should be cared for, or anything else that you want to tell your buyers. This final touch is the perfect way to add a professional look for those who sell their quilts, or simply a way to memorialize the artist who has created the quilt.

Woven Labels

Handmade quilts are a beautiful, one of a kind piece of art that will be treasured by anyone who receives one. Whether you create bed coverings or wall hangings, adding a custom woven label to them will ensure that your work gets the credit it deserves.

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