5-Uses for Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are rapidly taking over the promotional marketplace, replacing the rubber bracelet. While the rubber-branded arm-ware used to be a charming trinket, it is rapidly becoming passe. The lapel pin, unlike the rubber bracelet has a plethora of customization options. Aside from having a longer shelf life than the rubber bracelet, here are five purposes the lapel pin serves:

Award triumphs

Just as infantrymen, demonstrating exemplary service, are awarded an honorary pendent, the same concept applies to awarding employees, students and other team members for outstanding performance. Besides, the lapel pin is far more economical than a figurine, and has more symbolic value than a rubber bracelet.

Create awareness

Whether it’s for a charity event or to promote a brand, a customized lapel pin is an affordable catalyst for creating brand awareness.

Remember milestones

The lapel pin also doubles as a commemorative memento. There’s no better way to remember a milestone, professional achievement or a philanthropic cause than with a customized lapel pin.

Raise more money

The lapel pin is a highly profitable, eye-catching fundraising incentive to give to a cause. In other cases, lapel pins are used to award competitors or volunteers, who participate in an event, drawing or contest. Not to mention, by doling out lapel pins, it makes any fundraising event that much more indelible.

Build Team Unity

Bye-bye plastic identification badge, hello well-made, long-lasting lapel pin. As an integral element of the corporate identity, lapel pins signify a commitment to the corporate philosophy. Many organizations equip their employees, team members and associates with lapel pins, brandishing the company logo to instill a sense of unity, pride and commitment. Moreover, at conventions, networking events and other professional settings, lapel pins are emblematic of corporate leadership.

Peruse these customized lapel pins.