Top 12 Promotional Items for Small Business !

Best Promotional Products For Small Business Ever

The promotional items that you use to market your business can be a huge factor in the success of your company. The best way to find out what works for you is by doing some research and testing it yourself. This blog post will explore 12 Best Promotional Items for Small Business – Stickers, Keychains, Hat Patches, Pins and more.

As a small business owner, you know that marketing is key to your success. But what are the best options for marketing your business? This blog post will help you narrow down your choices and figure out the best way to market your small business.

Best Promotional Items for Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are about 28 million small businesses in America, and they account for 54% of all jobs in the country. That’s a lot of people relying on small businesses to provide them with goods and services. As a small business owner, it’s important to do everything you can to stand out from the competition and attract customers. One way to do that is by promotional items. Promotional items are any item you give away to customers or potential customers as a way of advertising your business. They can be anything from T-shirts and hats to pens and notepads. And the best part is that they don’t have to be expensive! 

surf keychains promotional items

Custom Keychains – PVC or Metal

Custom keychains are a great way to promote your business. They’re small, lightweight, and easy to carry around, which makes them perfect for everyday use. You can have them customized with your company logo or name, and they come in a variety of colors and styles.

die-cut-stickers great promotional items for your business

Custom Stickers – Embroidered, Fabric, Logo

Small business owners on a tight budget may find that Custom Logo Stickers are an excellent method to advertise their company. They’re long-lasting, waterproof, and available in any color or design you want. You may apply them to items, packaging, cars, or anything else you wish to promote your company.

pvc-magnet-round - fridge magnets

Custom PVC Magnets

Custom magnets are another great promotional item. They’re affordable, easy to carry around and store, and they make a fun decoration for your refrigerator or anywhere else you can think of using them! Best part is that they last forever—you could probably still use the ones you had ten years ago.


Custom Patches – PVC, Embroidered or Woven

Custom patches are an excellent way to show your patriotism or support for a particular cause. But they’re also an excellent promotional item for businesses. You can have them customized with your company logo or name, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. They can be attached to hats, shirts, jackets, backpacks, or just about anything else you can think of. Ordering wholesale custom patches (with iron on or hook and loop backing) might be one of the smartest way for personalizing generic clothing products as hats, shirts, vests, uniforms etc.

heat transfer cover

Custom Heat transfer Labels

Heat transfer labels are an awesome way to promote your company. They’re easy to apply, come in any color or design you want, and can be applied to almost anything! The best part is that they’re one of the cheapest promotional items available too. You’ll also find that heat transfers are much more cost effective than screen printing because there’s less setup involved, and you won’t need to buy a screen.

custom-printed-logo-charm one of the best promotional items for your small business

Custom Charms and Pendants

Charms are another awesome way to promote your business. They’re small enough that they can be worn as jewelry by both men and women alike (although some will look better on certain types of chains). Metal Charms can be personalized with several finishes and platings like gold, silver, antique and sandblasted. We also offer printed charms with photography quality.

silicone-bracelets-embossed-group V1

Custom Silicone Bracelets or Wristbands

Silicone bracelets and wristbands are a great way to promote your business. They come in a variety of colors and designs, they’re affordable, and they’re perfect for everyday use! Best part is that they last forever—you could probably still use the ones you had ten years ago.

golf ball marker

Custom Golf Ball Markers

Golf ball markers are an excellent method to advertise your company. They’re tiny, light, and simple to transport, making them ideal for addressing a selected audience of golf players. They may be customized with your organization’s logo or name and come in a variety of colors and designs.

custom luggage tags usa supplier

Custom Luggage Tags

If you know your customers are frequent travelers they will appreciate a lot an item like this. Or maybe you know your audience are on vacation, let’s say during summer time or Christmas. Why not to giveaway something they will use during their trip? This way, no matter if they are away at Camp, Europe or a hundred miles from you, you will be sure they will return home sooner or later and that in that period of time your brand will be accompanying them. Luggage tags have the power of creating a bond between your brand and your customers. Think in those short moments of anxiety when you are looking for your luggage and suddenly there it is, identified by your brand, their savor, their hero.


Custom Money Clips

Custom money clips are a great option for businesses because they are practical and affordable. Money clips can be custom-made to feature a company’s logo or slogan, which makes them a unique and memorable way to promote a business. Additionally, money clips are something that people actually use on a regular basis, which means that recipients will constantly be reminded of the business that gave them the clip. Overall, custom money clips make an excellent promotional product for businesses of all sizes.

custom race medals

Custom Race Medals

Promotional race medals are a great way for businesses to get their name out in front of potential customers. Businesses that participate in races or sporting events can purchase custom medals at wholesale prices and distribute them as they see fit. These items make a fantastic giveaway item, especially if the recipients have just participated in an event where they’ll be wearing shirts or other gear with the company’s logo on it. Best of all, these medals are relatively inexpensive and can be customized to feature an organization’s name or slogan.


Custom Lapel Pins

If you’re looking for an eye-catching, unique way to promote your business, using custom lapel pins are a great option! They’re perfect for conferences, trade shows, and other events where you want to stand out from the competition. Plus, they’re a great way to reward employees or customers who have gone above and beyond. 


There you got it. A Small but mighty compilation of some of the best promotional items for small business that we offer.

But this is just a shortlist. The best promo items for your business is the one that resonates with their lifestyle. Don’t give a desk calendar to a group of digital nomads, what works for Peter doesn’t necessarily work for you.

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