Sewing Projects to Sell: 100 Ideas

sewing ideas that sell

Sewing is a popular hobby and can be a great source of income. If you are interested in starting your own business, this blog post will provide 100 ideas for sewing projects to sell. There are many types of clothes that you can make (from dresses to jeans), as well as toys, pillows, and much more!

100 Sewing Ideas to Make Money

Here you have 10 lists of 10 amazing sewing ideas to sell more, organized according to the top 10 related search queries. From the unusual ones to some Christmas Sewing Ideas, including links to each video tutorial for you to start sewing right away.

Unusual Sewing Projects to sell

underwear sewing tutorial idea

1. Underwear

In this Youtube tutorial, Melly Sews shows you how to sew your own underwear using the free patterns and tutorials that she has made available on her blog.

Hanging wall organiser

2. Hanging Wall Organizers

Are you looking for a creative DIY project that will help store your sewing gear? Is there just too much stuff in the kids’ room and it’s taking up all of their door space, or do you need more storage solutions because life is never complete without an organized workspace! The Debbie Shore Hanging Wall Organiser might be what we’re talking about.

No slip Coffee mug holder

3. No-Sleep Coffee Mug / Cup Holder

Custom coffee sleeves are a great way to keep your drink from slipping, but the ones I’ve purchased always slip off. In this other video you will be over how to use silicone rubber in place of fabric and fusible fleece for an adorable custom sleeve that STAYS ON!


4. Bralette

In this tutorial, The Sorry Girls show you how to sew a bralette. This is great for those who want to have more support than traditional bras provide but do not want the bulk of underwire or extra material that comes with them!

Fabric Hair Rollers

5. Hair Curlers

This video tutorial shows you how to sew hair curlers. This is a great beginner project that can be used for weddings or even just everyday use!

Microwave potato baking poach

6. Microwave Potato Baking Pouch

We all love potatoes, but cooking them is a pain. It’s time-consuming and you have to wait for the oven or microwave to cook them just right so your potato doesn’t turn out dry! This tutorial shows how you can do a microwave potato baking poach ideal to cook fast and perfect baked potatoes.

stethoscope+cover CUT

7. Stethoscope Cover

This is great for those who work in the medical field or just want an adorable way of carrying their stethoscope! We recommend you to make several covers with different designs and patterns (following the tutorial), take photos of each one separated with white background, label your products with your logo or brand name using custom woven labels and offer them to Doctors, nurses and related target audience using Google Ads and Facebook Ads for instance.

Cat Toy

8. Little Mouse Cat Toy Tutorial

In this tutorial, Pudge shows you how to make cat-centric toys for yourself. This week she shows you how to make a fabric mouse for your feline friend stuffed with kitty-friendly buckwheat and dried catnip (that is both safe and natural).

Car Organizer Caddy

9. Car Organization Caddy

With this tutorial, Christy Cain is stars her series of sewing projects on her Youtube Channel. She shows you how to make a car organization caddy in this video tutorial. It’s perfect for keeping things organized and together, especially if your family spends time traveling often!

You can earn 30$ – 60$ by selling each car organization caddy, and then use the money to buy more sewing supplies and fabric for your next projects.

Heating Pad

10. Heating Pad with Rice (Easy Scrap Fabric Project)

You will need rice, fabric (or scraps), an oven bag, and a microwave to make this heating pad. It’s great for those who are looking for something more natural than the store-bought version that can be used in place of them or even with them!

Making a DIY heating pad is so easy (with this step by step guide) , it will be the perfect project for you to try out your new skills and use up some scrap fabric! You can make any size or shape of one that’s right in line with what kind-hearted friend would want as well. Recycled material like I did means less waste too – win/win all around!.

Unique Sewing Projects

Knit a Blanket

1. Afghan blanket 

In this beginner friendly tutorial, learn how to make an afghan blanket  (Arctic Throw). This is a blanket that was designed with beginners in mind and includes essential knitting techniques such as: cast on stitches (co), knit stitch(k), purlstitch (p). There are also other great tips for getting the perfect finishing touches including adding new skeins of yarn and weaving ends seamlessly into your work!

Instagram Pillow

2. Instagram Pillow

In this video tutorial, Amy from CraftyAmyTV teaches you how to make a personalized Instagram Pillow. This would be a great project for anyone who wants to start selling their own crafts and products! By personalizing each pillow with the name of the person it is being gifted to, you can increase your profit margin by charging more for each one.

You can also create these Instagram pillows in bulk for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers or any other event you are hosting!


3. Handbags

You can learn how to make an easy and beautiful handbag in minutes with this video tutorial. Once you’ve mastered that, try designing different styles using a variety of colors or types of fabric! Remember: always take photos before selling them out so your social media followers (or website visitors!) get the opportunity to see what great creations await for themselves-and buy one too if they want!

Leftover scraps projects

4. Leftover fabric projects

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a bunch of different items with scraps. You can make mismatched napkins that contrast against each other as well as pockets; there’s also wall art for your living room called “Be Nice”. Finally, we have scrunchies and hexagon quilts made out of fabric bundles!

zippered box poach

5. Zippered Box Pouch

This video shows how to make a zippered box pouch without exposed seams. It’s more beginner-friendly with no real difficulty level involved in completing these projects as they are both considered confident and easy sewing pattern for either beginners or experts alike! 

Cute Pouch Phone Money Bag

6. Cute Pouch Phone Money Bag

There’s a cute DIY pouch bag that you can make with just the materials found at home. All it takes is some old jeans, thin fabric and an zipper! If I could recommend anything else for this project though- its definitely going to need ribbon (see why at the end of the video).

Leg Warmers

7. Leg Warmers sewing tutorial

This is seriously easy-peasy thanks in part that you don’t need special skills or tools – all your supplies are things like scissors & thread which should already be stocked around home; furthermore there isn’t much time involved either because making them doesn’t take THAT long: about 30 minutes tops (without even needing patterns)

Hand Muff

8. Hand Muff with a pocket for phones

The SewVery Easy Channel’s new video tutorial teaches us how to make a faux fur hand muff with pocket for your phone. It is reversible and washable, making it as soft and fluffy on one side as the other!

Unicorn Hoodie

9. Unicorn Hoodie

Making a cozy hoodie Halloween costume is easy with this DIY tutorial. In just five steps, you can transform your favorite sweatshirt into an adorable unicorn for the holiday!

Yoga waistband

10. Yoga Waistband Circle Skirt

Make your own skirt or pajamas waistband with this simple and easy technique that looks like the one in stores! It’s a stretchy fold over without elastic.

Sewing Projects to Sell at Craft Fairs

Sailor Bow

1. Sailor Bow

This is a tutorial on how to make an adorable hair bow! It’s great for beginners, and you can use any fabric of your choice. This sailor style bow has 20 x 6 inch strands which makes it just right when creating 5-inch size bands. In order to get the perfect fit around small heads or toddler fine tuned their own looks with pins before tying off each end into knots at desired height level (or both).

silk scrunchie

2. Silk Scrunchie

Poly from LA CROITORIE, show us how to make a Scrunchie. In this 30 minute video tutorial with step by steps on her Youtube channel Poly demonstrates that anyone can create their own personal accessory in minutes! The fabrics suggested are poplin, cotton & linen; while polyamide (nylon) or polyester may also be used if desired depending upon what type of look you’re going for – just remember not too heavy because then it will droop more than stand upright like an actual scrunchie should do best !!!

Animal Ear Headband

3. Sew felt animal Ears headbands

Learn how to make animal ear headbands with this easy video tutorial by WhatsUpMoms Youtube channel and you won’t be able to resist grabbing your camera! Get out those Enchantimal inspired Headband kits because Playtime just got a whole lot cuter.


4. Blouse

With this video tutorial, the Nexus blouse will become part of your next clothing line. In just a few steps you can create this versatile piece that’s perfect for working or casual Fridays! Choose between short sleeve and longer improvised hem options. Either way, these new tutorials will show how easy-breezy fashion sewing really is.

friendship bracelets

5. Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are colorful pieces of string or fabric that people often give to their friends as a sign of affection. they can be made in any style, and with any type of material. the most popular friendship bracelets are those made from thread or yarn, but you can also use beads, charms, and other trinkets to embellish them.

Making friendship bracelets is a fun and easy way to show your friends how much you care about them. all you need is some string or yarn, and a few simple knots. the tutorial below will show you how to make a basic bracelet using just two colors of string. once you get the hang of it, feel free to experiment with different materials, colors, and designs.

MIni Tote Bag


A mini tote bag is a small, handheld bag that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are often made from lightweight materials, making them perfect for carrying around small items such as a phone, wallet, and keys. Mini totes bags can also be used as an everyday purse or even just a storage container for your child

You will be able to make your own stylish and practical totes with this simple sewing project! The video tutorial shows how you can use outside pockets for easy access on the go.

embroidered pillow cover

7. Embroidered pillow cover

In order to make these embroidery cushions the first and most important thing you should have is a lot of patience. The embroidery technique is considered somehow mystic by many. Although someone could say it is boring, this handwork can be therapeutic. On a visit to Pakistan (when she was around 12 or so), the host of this Hijabs and Aprons Youtube channel video tutorial learned these various stitches (and more) from her maternal grandmother (nani).


8. Sew placemats

In her youtube channel Melanie Ham have created a series of videos ideal for learning how to sew starting from zero. This one is the first of this group of tutorials and therefore one of the easiest ones. Let’s follow Melanie and make reversible placemats, you will practice cutting fabric, ironing and doing several straight seams.

sew napkins and table clothes

9. Sew Napkins and tablecloth

One of the best reasons to learn how to sew napkins and tablecloths is because it can save you a lot of money in the long run. You’ll no longer have to buy disposable napkins or tablecloths from the store, which can get expensive over time. Instead, you can make your own custom-sized napkins and tablecloths by following the tutorial below. Then if you master the technique you can start producing on-demand table clothes with personalized designs.

giraffe fabric toy

10. Stuffed animals with old fabric scraps

In this video The Little Zoo Channel is going to show how to make a fabric stuffed toy giraffe. After finishing your training mode you can choose to apply the same technique to make other animals until you have an entire zoo collection that you can label with your brand and offer them thru Instagram for example.

Trending Sewing Projects 2021

Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve

Have you been looking for a laptop sleeve online and couldn’t find one that suited you? The ones available on the websites you visited were not appealing enough, too bulky, plain or on the opposite garish? Thanks God the guys from the Greluches Et Fanfreluches Youtube channel have decided to make their own and film the whole process for you guys (tutorial)!

Hammock Chair

Hammock Chair

Kat demonstrates how to make a Hammock Chair using some tools she got from Home Depot, Ace and Lowe’s. She gives such clear instructions that it’s almost as if someone is there with you through every step of the process! (Tutorial)

Hammock chairs are considered a great furniture item to have around the home. They’re not only comfortable but also stylish and they look good in any room. In addition, you can use them indoors or outdoors!

Hammocks were originally created by Native Americans who used tough netting made from tree bark and vines to create these wonderful pieces of furniture. And now, the hammock chair has made a comeback and is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages.

sleep mask

Sleep Mask

A sleep mask is a type of eye mask that blocks light from entering the eyes, without causing total darkness. They are often used by people who have difficulty sleeping or work unusual hours to help them get better rest. The sleep masks can be made of different materials and designs depending on your preference for comfort and style. (tutorial)

Roll up cord keeper

Roll Up Cord Keeper

Cord Keepers are a lifesaver for anyone who has many cords. These little gadgets help you organize your wires, cables and chargers in an orderly fashion without any hassle.

They keep all the different wire sets together so that they don’t tangle up or get lost among other things. You can use them to store power strips, USB cables, computer cables, and phone chargers.

In this tutorial, the CraftyGemini teach us how to do them easily. Produce new usefull things with unique designs and you will get in the business that’s the key.

camera bag

Camera Bag

A camera bag is an important piece of equipment for photographers. It not only protects the camera but also stores other necessary items, such as lenses, filters and batteries.

Follow these easy instructions by The SewingTimes, and start practicing today to master the art of making customized camera bags for sale.

lumbar pillow

Lumbar Pillow

A lumbar pillow is a type of cushion that is designed to support the lower back. It helps to keep the spine in alignment and prevents pain and stiffness in the neck and lower back.

Lumbar pillows are especially beneficial for people who sit for long periods, such as office workers or drivers. They can become your target audience if you are thinking of producing and selling this kind of craft. (tutorial)

big size fabric basket

Laundry basket

When it comes to laundry baskets, there’s nothing like having a big one to store all your clothes in. Not only do they make the task of doing the laundry less daunting, but they also free up space in your closet or cupboard.

Plus, if you know how to sew, making your own laundry basket is a breeze. You can choose the size and shape that you want, as well as the fabric and design. This is a great project to sell on Etsy or at craft fairs (tutorial).

So if you’re looking for a new sewing project, why not give this one a try? It’s easy, fun, and practical!

Glasses Case

The Crafty Gemini teaches you how to make an easy sunglasses case for this holiday season! It’s a great scrap-busting project and perfect as gifts. (Tutorial)

passport holder

Passport Holder

This DIY travel accessory sewing project idea (tutorial) is perfect for any adventure you may have. Made with the help of a pattern, this fabric passport wallet has an entire side pocket that can hold both your vaccination record card and government-issued identification document securely while also making them easily accessible at hand during inspections or other events where they need to be used quickly! The vinyl see through section makes sure nothing gets lost in translation when it comes time show up onsite as well so there’s no worry about misplacing anything important again–we’ve got everything right here before our eyes (and hands). 

phonecharger folder

Phone Charger Holder

A phone charger holder is a great way to keep your charging cords organized and untangled. They are also a handy way to transport your charger when you’re on the go.

If you know how to sew, making a phone charger holder is an easy project. You can choose from a variety of fabrics and designs. This is also a good project to sell on Etsy or at craft fairs. (tutorial)

Easy sewing projects to sell

makeup brush travel case

Toothbrush Travel Wrap Organizer

Guided by the Beautiful Ann Le who hosts this youtube channel you can make your very own travel organizer for accessories and makeup brushes. 

It’s easy and fun to make, plus you can customize it however you want with any fabric or design that suits your sense of style–get creative! (Tutorial)

duffle bag

Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is a type of strong, flexible luggage with two handles on the top to carry it by hand. It usually has an external pocket for fast access and one or more straps so you can wear it on your back when hiking or skiing.

In this video, The SewingTimes Channel shows how to make your own duffle bag. They share a pattern with easy instructions that anyone can follow!



In this video, made by My Little Crafts Youtube Channel, you will learn how you can easily sew a knotted turban headband at home. Getting started is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

Do you want to offer turban headbands to your customers and would like to learn how are they made? Turban headbands are extremely popular because they have been a prominent accessory for Gucci for many years.

mermaid tale blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket

This video tutorial by Thread Sewing School shows you how to make a super soft and cozy mermaid tail blanket. The best part is that this project is beginner-friendly and doesn’t require any sewing experience.

If you can sew a straight line, you can make this mermaid tail blanket! You can choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to suit your style.

fabric baskets

Fabric Baskets

I love making fabric baskets! Learn how to make your own with these instructions and a video tutorial by Dixi from Treasury Youtube Channel. These sturdy baskets can lift heavy weights thanks to their fusible interfacing.

For the large and extra-large baskets, you will want to use interfacing that is heavy duty. For smaller ones a regular medium weight fabric works just fine!


Baby Blanket Tutorial

A baby blanket is a great gift idea for any expecting mother. Although it can be difficult to buy for someone else, making the perfect handmade item is easy if you follow Melanie Ham’s tutorial on YouTube.

She also demonstrates how to make a neat and tidy edge finish.

This video is easy to follow with clear instructions, so you will be able to create a beautiful baby blanket in no time!

pot holder

Hot Pot Holders

Get ready for the 4th tutorial of Melani Ham’s Learn to Sew Series! In this one, she’ll be teaching you how to make potholders. These quilted fabric potholders are useful and fun (Believe it or not!) With basic sewing knowledge plus some scrap material leftover from other projects – these quick little creations can come together in no time at all with just a few simple steps.

Drawstring gift bag

Drawstring Giftbag

You can make an easy drawstring fabric gift bag to fill your friends and family with joy! I’m sure they will love this one. You only need a small piece of fabric, so it’s perfect for those who have too much scrap material but are newbies at sewing projects like these; plus there isn’t any complicated instructions or designs needed- just basic knowledge about zippers combined with some creativity from you as well once everything else has been taken care off (tutorial)

babyquilt blanket

Baby Quilt

Want a baby blanket that’s easier than ever? This project is perfect for you! Learn how to make it with Shannon Cuddle Fabric (tutorial).

A baby quilt is a treasured item for any child. They can be used as a crib blanket, a play mat, or even a security blanket.

Quilts are important because they provide warmth and comfort to infants and toddlers. They also help protect against the cold air and drafts. Plus, they add a touch of personality to the room and brighten up the atmosphere.

envelope pillow

Cushion or Envelope Pillow Covers

This video tutorial by Jann Newton is a great way to learn how to make envelope pillow covers. She demonstrates how to sew the cover and insert the pillow form.

Envelope pillow covers are a popular choice because they are easy to make and remove for cleaning. They can also be used with any type of pillow form.

Best Selling Fabric Crafts

crossbody bag

Zipper Cross Body Purse

This video tutorial by Tendersmile Handmade is a great way to learn how to make a zipper cross-body purse. She demonstrates how to sew the outer and lining fabrics, insert the zipper, and attach the strap.

Cross-body purses are a popular choice because they are easy to wear and stylish. They also provide plenty of room to carry essentials.

This purse is perfect for everyday use or for travel. Following this tutorial is also a good choice for those who want to learn how to sew zippers.

oven mitt

Oven Mitt

Vanessa from the Crafty Gemini will teach us how to make an Oven Mitt. In her video, she provides a link to download a FREE PDF pattern. You won’t need much fabric so they can be made with scraps. For this, you will need a mini-iron, an insulated lining, some clips, and pinking shears.

credit card wallet

Credit Card Wallet

Khloe, from Khloe-Easy-Sewing Youtube Channel, teach us how to make beautiful and useful Credit Card Wallets (Tutorial). Your customers can use them not only as coin purse but also as keyrings. Khloe also left a link in the description for downloading the pattern for free, however, for this project, you will need a zipper, fabric, stay tape, lining, and keychain clip hooks.

beanie hat

Wool Rib Beanie Hat

Never wonder how to make a Beanie Hat? Well, if the winter season is coming people will start looking for warmer clothes and might be a good idea to think ahead and start producing Beanie Hats. In this tutorial, K. Tyrrell from the So Sew Channel will explain step by step how to make professional ones. You will only need: 1/2 of a yard of Wool Rib Knit fabric, Pins, Ruler, Scissors and a Sewing Machine or Serger.

diaper carrier

Diaper Carrier

Another great product you may want to consider offering to your customers are diaper carriers. Maybe you think it would be hard to find parents in the need of such a thing but nowadays you can set up your Google or Facebook campaign audiences to target these type of potential customers. Diaper carriers are very useful and can be made with different fabrics such as cotton, fleece or a waterproof material. With this tutorial by the Sewing Times channel, learning how to do it will be easy as pie.

tablet or phone stand

Tablet Stand

You can make phone or tablet stands from rice, beans and fabric and offer them on Etsy. On this platform, a crafted article like this can cost over $15 USD each! The rice or beans will help add stability when placed onto different surfaces like a bed during nighttime hours while watching TV. Add them your touch and if possible tag them with your brand using any kind of custom clothing labels.

makeup brush travel case

Make-up Brush travel case

All the useful things are easier to sell than just decorative ones. This is why manufacturing Make-Up Brush Holders or Makeup Organizers is always a good idea. Much more if you add a personal touch to the design and brand your products. If you are interested just follow this tutorial by The Craft Buggy and learn How to Sew a Makeup Brush Travel Case.

yoga mat bag

Yoga Mat Bag

Another type of audience you can target is Yoga practitioners. Yoga is more popular than ever and just imagine how many mats are being used every day. If you want to start this project, make sure to watch the video below by OnlineFabricStore in which she demonstrates How To Make a Yoga Mat Bag.

tea towell apron

DIY Tea Towel Apron Tutorial

Learning how to make an Apron out of a Tea Towel is easy cake following this tutorial by Dixie from the Treasurie Channel. We know everyone can purchase an apron in the supermarket so if you really want to sell aprons you have to think in an attractive and unique design that engage with them.

reversible placemats

Reversible Place Mats

Professor Pincushion is waiting for you to give a step forward and start practicing how to do reversible placemats in an easy and fun way (tutorial). Again, one thing is to manufacture just one for yourself but another thing is to produce several for selling. We recommend to make a few, take them some pictures and show them off on social media, etsy or on your website and then work on demand.

DIY Sewing Projects To Sell

knot bag sewing tutorial

DIY Knot Bag with Pattern

First of all what is a knot bag? A knot bag is a small bag made with a knot at the top where you can keep your items. This will be very useful for sewing projects to sell if you are an Etsy seller because it is handmade and unique, so customers may want to buy them from you instead of purchasing similar ones in other online shops that offer low prices. To learn how to make one check out the following tutorial by the Hiro Hiro Channel.

first aid kit

DIY Portable First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit is something everyone should have nearby always. This is why it might be a good business idea to offer handcrafted ones on Etsy or thru social media. If you want to give it a try The Tendersmile Handmade Channel made this beautiful video tutorial on how to do a DIY Portable First Aid Kit

sleep mask

DIY Sleeping Masks

Sleeping Masks are mostly used by people who have problems with light and want to sleep better. If you are one of those people, this is the project for you! You can make them using different materials such as cotton, satin or lace. Also, if you want to add a personal touch put your brand name on it and use custom clothing labels.

floor pillow

DIY Children’s Floor Pillow

Another perfect product to offer to parents are Floor Pillows. As kids love to play on the floor (especially when they are toddlers) you can be sure almost every parent will be in the need of these kind of items. If that’s your case, in this video Laura Ann Coia from the Sew Very Easy Channel explains a new way to make a Big floor pillow, with no lumps!

scrunchies 2

DIY Scrunchies

We love those tutorials that add the timestamps in the description, this way it is easier to go directly to the point. This is the case of the following tutorial posted by the DIY Today’s Sewing & Embroidery Channel in which they teach how to do scrunchies with the following materials: Fabrics, Sewing Thread (cotton or polyester thread), Ruler, Clips, Heat Erasable Fabric Pen, Sewing Scissor, Fabric Scissor, Pins, Safety Pins and an Elastic Band.

hooded towel for toddlers

DIY Hooded Towels for Kids

We don’t know why but kids love Hooded Towels. Sadly, the ones that they offer in the supermarket are not that cool. Manufacturing personalized hooded towels on demand can be an outstanding business idea. Nevertheless, you first have to learn how to make them. Luckily for us there is a channel called Drink and Sew Things where they explain how to do amazing high quality DIY hooded towels for kids and Toddlers as well.


DIY Fabric Coasters

Fabric Coasters are very easy and fun to make (tutorial), moreover, they are a great way of using up the fabric scraps you have lying around. If you want to add a little bit of personality to them we suggest you embroider or print your brand name on them.

This is a lovely tea coaster set that would make a great present. We put it in a string pouch so we may give it as a present without packaging it. Pouches have several applications.

baby doll carrier

DIY Baby Doll Carrier

Although, indeed, some girls don’t like to play with dolls, however the most of them do. Doll toys can be found everywhere in different styles and with different features. But the same baby doll carrier can work for all of them. (Tutorial)

water melon pot holder

Watermelon DIY Potholder Tutorial

Potholder are essential in any kitchen. Of course the most of the people buy them on the supermarket, wallmart or Amazon. But what if you made them with an special design? Crafted products that are original have more chances to be sold fast. Anyway, if you don’t know how to make Potholder the first step would be to take a look at this video where Deb guide us thru the process of making simple but beautiful Porholders

Sewing for profit ideas

bowl covers

Re-usable bowl Covers

Easy sewing project to make bowl covers, a great eco-friendly idea. In order to avoid using film wrap in the kitchen, fabric-made bowl covers are the best option. The planet is so polluted now that more and more people lean over the importance of buying eco-friendly products. The customer’s behavior is changing and you can take advantage of this paradigm shift introducing in the market products that are friendly with the environment as fabric Bowl Covers. We think this is an extraordinary idea. To make them is very easy if you follow Lucia McWeeny’s step-by-step guide.

child apron

Child Apron

Mini-chef’s are becoming more and more popular, the kids want to help us at the kitchen. With the appropriate supervision, you can make them part of the crew. Using cute child aprons they will feel like they belong.

Sew Much Ado Sewing and DIY Tutorial encourage us to learn how to sew an apron for kids, with a free downloadable sewing pattern in 3 sizes!

fabric baby shoes

Fabric Baby Shoes

This Video shows you how to make adorable baby shoes. The tiny shoes look very cute with lace decoration, and they’re easy to put on because of the elastic! These are ideal for recycled fabric. These are appropriate for infants weighing up to 17 pounds (7.9 kg) / 6 months.

baby changing mat

Baby Changing Mat

Sharon from the Sewing Room Channel shows us how to make a baby Changing Mat (video). This sewing idea to sell targets parents of children between 0-3 years old. The wipeable vinyl surface, two hanging pouches for diapers and wipes, and an elastic closure that may be secured with one hand make this changing mat a winner. It collapses into a compact grip when not in use.

coin purse

Coin Purse

A coin purse is a small pouch or bag that is designed to hold coins. They are often used by men and women alike, and can be made from a variety of materials including cloth, vinyl, leather, plastic or metal.

In this video, Sara from Sew Sweetness will teach you how to make the Suffolk Coin Purse. This is a simple project that uses a little bit of stitching, a metal coin purse frame, and some fabric glue to make!

Camera or Guitar Strap

Not only women like to sew, but there are also a large number of men who know how to use a sewing machine and enjoy it. Rob Appell from the Man Sewing Youtube channel is one of them. If you want to offer custom camera or guitar straps to your clients, take a look at this video where Robert shows how to make them using yardage and interfacing.

tablet cover

Ipad Cover

They protect the device and also can be a fashion statement. If you are looking for an easy project to make and sell, then this tutorial is perfect for you! In this video, Jennifer from Shabby Fabrics shares her method for making an Ipad cover with an elastic closure in just 20 minutes.

flour poufs and pillows

Floor Pillows and Poufs

People use floor pillows in many ways; as a place to sit, as a pillow for the back, for reading or watching TV on the floor, or just to rest their feet on. They are so comfortable, almost anyone would love to have one. Poufs, on the other hand, are very similar to floor pillows, although a little higher. However, they have the same chilling effect. Combine them

In this tutorial by Kelsey and Becky (The Sorry Girls), you will learn how to make a floor pillow and a pouf by yourself.


Dog Bed

Nowadays, everyone has a pet, specially dogs. If you are a dog lover, then making them beds is one of the easiest ways to start your career as a custom sewist.

In this course by Paula (Spoonflower magic wizard), she shows how easy it can be to make an adorable bed for small dogs or puppies. The materials used in her project were: Fabric pins, zippers, scissors, dog bed insert, and a sewing machine.

infinity scarf

Infinity Scarf

Infity scarfs are a popular accessory for both men and women. They are simple to make, and can be made from a variety of materials.

Vanessa, from TheCraftyGemini again, guide us through the step-by-step process of how to sew infinity scarfs. You will only need a few materials and tools to make one. Tools: sewing machine, scissors, pins, needle and a measuring tape. Materials: fabric and thread. Additionally you will need to do a little hand sewing work.


Christmas Sewing Projects to Sell

  1. DIY Christmas Tree Skirt 
  2. Christmas Stocking
  3. Embroidered hat or scarf
  4. Make a Christmas sweater
  5. table runner for your holiday dinner
  6. Santa Claus ornaments 
  7. Snowman napkins
  8. Fabric Wreath
  9. Holyday apron
  10. Christmas Table

Upcycle / Re-cycle Ideas for your Fabric Scraps

  1. Sew a patchwork quilt
  2. Make a scarf by using an old shirt
  3. Create some felt flowers to use as decorations
  4. Use fabric scraps to make place mats, coasters, or napkins
  5. Turn old jeans into shorts with just a few stitches 
  6. Sew upholstery fabric into curtains that match the rest of your decor
  7. Sew a purse
  8. Sew a tote bag
  9. Sew curtains for your windows
  10. Make custom napkins and tablecloths

Reading suggestion: Check out our resource guide on How To Display Lapel Pins.

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