HiLife Clothing Company is one of our customers that design a wide variety of items for retail sale.

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, their concept is simple: Since 2006, HiLife Clothing Company has been producing and designing t-shirts and clothing in Hawaii for people who love our islands and live in the spirit of aloha.



With the simplicity of a single sentence Mission Statement, comes the depth of creating a cohesive branding scheme that will work on all of their products It started with their incredible logo and went from there.

They needed and wanted everything from clothing labels for their t-shirts & hats, to key chains, soft PVC labels and hang tags for everything else.

It was our job to come up with a product line that not only broadened their branding, but matched the quality of their line of products.

HiLife had already established their logo.

Our goal was to make it shine, in what some consider the mundane ‘detail’ of labeling and tagging their products.

It is important to recognize how much the tags and labels become a part of the finished product; and we needed to represent their line of merchandise with the highest quality products.

Producing a cohesive set of Clothing Labels, PVC Key Chains, Hang Tags, Soft PVC Labels & Woven Patches was the need. Keeping it simple, straightforward and clear for the customer was the goal.

THE SOLUTION: Custom Woven Labels, Woven and PVC Patches, Key chains, Hang tags, the whole enchilada

Here is what the proof looks like on a project like this:


The woven labels and hang tags are not represented on this proof, but this can provide a great example of what a PVC proof appears like; allowing the customer to see the layers.

Their logo of the islands with all they stand for in one word ‘HiLife’ has been successfully branded for this great company.


If you get the opportunity to travel to Honolulu, don’t forget to stop by The HiLife Clothing Company and pick up a true piece of Aloha Spirit!

The Result


As you can see, the results of this challenge are a success. The simplicity of their design and logo became a reality with a full series of products that we produce.

When a project needs a variety of different mediums to fit their needs, we have the staff and experience to handle that for you.

Better yet, if you are not sure what products you need, this will serve as a case to show you we can help determine that for you.

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