When gamers are on the core of our marketing strategy or when gaming fans form part of our target audience, somewhen, sooner or later, we will start thinking in how to promote our digital products in the real world with customized branded items also called gaming merchandise.

Gaming merchandise


There are a lot of different ways to personalize your giveaways for gamers. Using custom patches or custom labels to tag your clothing or fabric products is always a clever idea. Another effective way to do this is by giving away custom keychains with your brands image. This can be done on metal, leather or soft rubber PVC. From our point of view PVC keychains match perfect for gamers.

1. Customize your gaming giveaways with patches!

PVC Patches

In the case of clothing promotional products like hats, jackets, vests and outdoor gear (as backpacks, coats or tends) a good solution is using custom PVC patches to identify these products with your logo, name, message or artwork.

3D Design + 3 Colors
Sewing Channel
Velcro back,
Size: 3.5″
PVC Patch Game of Clouds
PVC Patch”Game of Clouds”
3D Design + 6 Colors
Sewing Channel
Adhesive Backing: Not a permanent adherent,
Size: 2″ x 1″

PVC Patch
PVC Patch
2D Design + 5 Colors
Sewing Channel
Velcro Patch,
Size: 3.5″ X 3″

Embroidered Patches

Wargaming America is in charge of all the marketing, business development, public relations, customer support and community networks for every single Wargaming’s video game. They came to us looking for a custom embroidered patches wholesale manufacturer and supplier with the aim of reproducing a large number of patches specially made for the game World of Warplanes and right after that, they ordered a similar patch for the game War of Tanks, both of them with velcro backing and merrow border.

World of Warplanes Embroidered Patch
World of Warplanes
Embroidered Patch
100% Coverage
Backing:1 Sided Velcro Back
Laser Cut Border,
Size: 3.75″x1.739″
World of Tanks Patch Embroidered Patch
World of Tanks Patch
Embroidered Patch
100% Coverage
2 Colors
Merrow Border
Backing: 1 Sided Velcro
Reorder From 12-7110,
Size: 2.25″x3″

2. Labels for gamers clothing

We offer several kind of custom labels for clothing products, gear or apparel. Among them, woven labels and woven ribbons are quite popular followed closely by the printed ones. In the first image we see a woven ribbon tape made for Game Ready, a recovery technology and orthopedic products manufacturer looking for a beautiful way to identify their merchandising. The second image is a classic damask woven label using an smart design that allows enough space to be a size label, a flag label and a care label at the same time.

Woven Ribbon Tape
Woven Ribbon Tape – Damask” 102913-C”
100% Polyester Threads
Up To 4 Thread Colors
Heat Cut Border,
Size: .75″ Height

Woven Labels
Woven Labels – Damask
100% Polyester Threads
Up to 8 Thread Colors
Heat Cut Border
Backing: Plain
Flat; No Folds
1/8″ Sewing Allowance All Around,
Size: 3″ x 1″

3. Gaming Keychains

Although the list for gaming promotional products is certainly much longer and include not only clothing products as hooded sweaters, t-shirts, wallets and hats but also awesome gadgets as arcade cabinets and mini controllers, for some reason key tags with cool designs have a magnetic attraction on these kind of target persona, and as simple as they seem to be, keychains are still quite usefull and fashionable.

PVC Key Tag

PVC Key Tag
2D Design + 3 Colors
Cut to Shape
Thickness: 4.0mm
1 Sided
Attachments: Loop+Jump Ring+Split Ring
Size: 1.435″ x 2″

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