PVC Labels - American Express PVC label


The customer came to us in need of a label to affix to a computer bag.   Not knowing if they wanted to go with embroidered or PVC, our Sales Representative talked through the pro’s and con’s of each option.   Moving to PVC, like many companies are doing for their product branding, proved to be a great decision.    Knowing the need was for durability and it was being placed on the outside of the travel bag.


Touchmark Productions is one of the larger Corporate Promotional Product suppliers that was commissioned to create a promotional item for American Express in the form of a Computer Bag.   They needed a large quantity of labels and they came to us.

The label we ended up making for Touchmark was a soft PVC label.   With the raised lettering and vibrant colors, this was exactly what they needed for their travel bag promotion.

Knowing it was going on a Computer Bag was the key to providing this durable option for them.American Express’ concept and graphics have been successfully established for decades.

With the artwork already in place,  we turned the American Express logo into a soft PVC label.   

It is extremely important, when working with a client of this caliber, to know where we fit in and how we can strengthen their end results.


What we try to establish from the first conversation with a new customer is the actual application for the label that they are seeking to have made.    Once we know the application, one of our representatives can go over the workable options.

For this particular use the soft PVC was the optimal choice.

With no color fading and the resilience of PVC.

Here are the design proofs for the American Express computer bag.   This is what the customer will receive before anything is put into production so that the ultimate design can be replicated and visualized by the customer and approved or adjusted before production.


Even if you are not as well established as American Express, there is no reason you cannot have a high quality label to brand your products and help with your promotional items.  Let us help you develop a line of branding. 

The Result

Transferring the Logo of American Express into a soft PVC Label proved to be a great decision for Touchmark Promotions.

By looking at their final results and seeing the application, it’s evident this was a successful branding campaign and the final products look great.