Most of the custom keychains are stock key chains printed with your logo. But you can get truly custom shaped keychains easily…

Custom Keychains: It is not uncommon to see the “Your Image Here” inside of a commonly used shape such as a circle, square or rectangular shaped keychain, made of either metal or plastic, with its blank spaced, ready to be personalized with your usually one-color design.

And that is supposed to excite us about this project!?

I will tell you what excites us, or better yet, let me show it to you:

1.Beauty and Modern – Custom Made Keychains

mixed pvc-metal-keychain

It all begins with a vision. Sometimes is just not possible. Well, not in this case. We are proud to say we accomplished and excel the task of creating the mother of all custom keychains “mutt”: A doulbe sided metal keychain, where one side takes you into a beautiful and serene pool (made possible by blue-colored transparent-enamel) and the other one brings you back into their modern and hip designs with a Soft PVC insert


2.The Glow in the Dark – Custom PVC Keychain Set

custom pvc keychains

Don’t let this set of PVC keychains fool you for the simplicity of their common dog tag shape: The fun begins with the originality of is “cracked up” font, followed by the awesomeness of PVC which allows you to have a multi-level design without costing you more, and ending with our customer’s desires of having a Glow in the Dark version (GID) of it, and boom, a cool set is born. 🙂

3.The Printed Design inside of a Custom Shape Keychain

printed-silver-keychainThis is a car keychain design where we didn’t have to re-invent the wheel: Full Color Printing is the only process that can handle a gradient design and deliver it with perfection. We just enhanced it with a cool “follow the design” custom shaped keychains in a stainless steel base, covered it with an epoxy coating to protect it from the elements and the magical printed on metal keychain was delivered.

4.Let’s Keep It Cool – Fire Department PVC Keychainfire-department-pvc-keychain

Any time a Public Service Department reaches to us to make lapel pins, patches or in this case custom keychains we are truly humbled by the honor of creating something that they will wear with pride. This Fire Department cannot have enough with just wearing their uniform patches, they want to take it wherever they go. PVC was an easy option as it will not scratch and it will resist almost anything these dedicated group will put them through.

5.A token of appreciation to Volunteers – Metal Keychains with Love

When people say a picture speaks loudly than 1,000 words, they might have seen these beautiful, high quality, personalized keychains with a gold key ring. These key chains will do much more for these volunteers than just organizing their car keys. They will feel loved.

6.Cool keychains with and Increased Durability – Soft PVC in Action


Our client, a leader in the market of performance vehicles, needed keychains that would be durable and could resist variations in temperature, while matching their modern and active look. Soft PVC was a natural choice. Their logo looks amazing!

7. Fizzing One bottle at a time with a Keychain Bottle Opener!

Bottle opening just got more fun with these custom key chains.
The modern designs we see from 7up are not at random. They consistently deliver a fun and active image that translated very well to this metal bottle opener. We were all fizzing about it! Hooray for fun promotional products. Of the many keychain tools, bottle openers are by far the most popular, because they are actually practical.

8. A Fun Custom Shaped PVC Keychain

soft rubber -keychain

In the world of Art and Design, anything is possible (even more if you are molding it in Soft Rubber). Shaped to de design, multi-layered, We love this little guy!

9.We haven’t gotten tire(d) of these Metal Keychains

custom metal keychains

A fairly common shape holds a familiar design, this time for international use. A resistant product, suited for daily use, soft enamel coloring was the right choice for this keychain.

10.A Pimped-Up Non-scratching Keychain (PVC Patch included)


Fans of this high peformance motorcycle store can now hold their keys without scratching their bikes with this nylon keychain with a PVC patch attachment. Soft and versatile, a sure hit.

11.Delivering A Timeless look with an Antique Silver Keychain

antique silver-keychain
For anyone looking to add that timeless look, and distinguish their product from a “cheap” metal keychain, the antiquing process is simply a must. The roughed, worn and classy look transforms the design into a piece of jewelry almost instantly.

12.”Thank You” will last longer with a Soft PVC Keychain

logo custom keychains

A “Thank You for Your Order” keychain that will keep on giving back for years to come, can be of any shape or form (rectangular in this case), and at the same time can be enhanced by multiple layers and colors to make it unique and create impact. Fun products are not reserved to new and “hip” companies!

13. A keychain – 25 years in the making


25 years. A lifetime achievement for anyone. What a great way to honor it than by creating a piece of jewelry that will withstand anything you will put it through while still delivering its most basic function which is to be reminded of the love and effort that kept this couple together for 25 years (and hopefully more).

14. Holding a piece of “El Sueno Americano”pvc-keychain

Made for “Kinto Sol” a talented music band that tells the 3 brothers adventures in pursue of the “American Dream”. A Soft Rubber PVC keychain was perfect for an urban design. We wish them success!

15. Diamonds are forever – Jewelry Keychain

custom made keychains

Design and execution go hand in hand in achieving the right look for your consumers and fans. They will determine the success or failure of your project. It was a no-brainer to choose a silver-plated keychain for this custom-shaped design. Pink and silver go great together. Attention to detail is invaluable (look at the especial key-ring). Success!


Don’t settle with a plain, flat, rectangular printed keychain. Soft PVC or Metal, we can make it possible for you!

custom shaped keychains