This is a list of 10 funny Christmas iron on transfers! These are great for dressing up any outfit and making it festive. The best part about these, they can be applied to almost any surface. So what are you waiting for? Get your Christmas Iron On Transfer printed today!

How to use Iron-on Heat Transfers?

For Household Irons

  1. Place your Iron on the platform;
  2. Extend your clothes in the ironing pad;
  3. Place the pattern where you want to paste it.;
  4. Turn off the steam function, Check the conditions of your fish tank to be sure that no water has escaped.;
  5. Set The Temperature to Cotton at 266-302℉;
  6. Iron on for 10-15 seconds with rhythm;
  7. Remove the membrane after COOL DOWN
  8. Congratulations on the successful completion of the Heat Transfer Patches.

For Heat Transfer Machine

  1. Adjust the temperature to 299-302 degrees Fahrenheit at a heat press machine.
  2. Place the cloth on the ironing board in a flat manner.;
  3. Apply the patches in the places you wish to paste.;
  4. For 8-9 seconds, press down firmly with your hand.;
  5. Remove the membrane after COOLING DOWN
  6. Congratulations! You have made your first heat transfer!

Warning: Garments that have just been ironed cannot be washed immediately, and can instead be washed after 24 hours.

Funny Christmas Iron on Transfers – Top 10

Christmas Rhinestone Iron On Snowflake Tshirt Design

Shiny rhinestones (like sparkling diamonds) are used for this design.

The design dimensions are 8 inches width and 4 inches height.

This Christmas rhinestone design is easy to apply using a common home iron. However, the instructions are included.

One customer who bought this item said “Very pretty on the sweatshirt I put it on. Very shiny.”

Christmas Iron On Wine GLass iron on transfer

Christmas Rhinestone Iron On Wine Glass Transfer

A glass of wine with Santa Claus hat is depicted in this lovely iron on transfer decoration.

Do not worry about how to attach it to your clothes because the process is very simple as we explained above. Only be sure the surface you want to attach it to measures at least 9 inches by 8 inches in size.

The Christmas design includes red, green, and clear rhinestones.

cute christmas lights iron on transfers

Cute Christmas Lights Snow Bling Designs Iron On Rhinestone

With this bright Christmas outfit, a little bling goes a long way.

This page of transfers has colorful rhinestones and is cut apart and pieced together.

It’s small enough to add a touch of charm to face masks, cloth napkins, ornaments, ear warmers, and other tiny objects!

When each stone is subjected to heat, the hot fix glue that has already been applied to the back of each stone becomes permanent.

This bling pattern might be machine washed on a gentle cycle and laid flat to dry.

smoked grinch christmas iron on heat transfers

Christmas Grinch – For Dark-Colored Materials – Iron On Heat Transfer 8″ x 9″

Only for DARK-COLORED materials. For lighter colors, see other listings.

It’s also possible to press items with a commercial heat press utilizing this technique.

The application procedure is simple and will be provided with instructions.

A lovely border/frame adorns the picture…making it stand out in a good way!

Christmas Deer patch heat transfer iron on

Christmas Deer Patches Elk Heat Transfer Appliques

This is an A-level heat transfer Vinyl sticker, not an embroidery patch. It has several advantages one of which is that it is washable and waterproof. Additionally, it is made out of an Eco-Friendly Material that is friction resistant and super elastic at a time. The image is extremely clear.

Christmas Gnome Iron On Patches heat transfer decals

Christmas Gnome Iron On transfers

It’s a lot of fun for you to create your own clothing. Make a fantastic present for yourself or a family member, friend, or lover by personalizing your outfit or accessories with our distinctive created decorative patches. To make yourself stand out, participate in family gatherings and birthday parties. Unique DIY decorative Appliques add style to your wardrobe and other items.

5 sheets heat transfer decasls DIY

5 Sheets DIY Heat Transfer Stickers Christmas Iron on transfers

These transfer vinyl papers are made of high-quality, environmentally responsible materials that are highly elastic, allowing the fabric with pictures to be washed many times. Children’s clothes decals in particular have a long lifespan.

Iron on stickers are bright and washable, making them ideal for ironing virtually any type of clothing or cushion. You may utilize a handcrafted domestic iron to create your own clothes that is quite entertaining.

The traditional elements of Christmas, like the snowman, elk, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, and other similar things. And a thorough instruction manual to go with it. These are commonly used to adorn or repair jeans jackets, T-shirts, pants, handbags, vests, helmets , backpacks. Clothing is improved in terms of fashion and uniqueness.

Resting Grinch Face Iron On Transfer

Resting Grinch Face Holiday Christmas Iron-On Transfer

This one is ideal for decorating pillows. The grinch is a story about a monster who hates Christmas and plots to steal the holiday from residents of Whoville. Having a pillow with this funny character and the message “resting grinch face” is maybe the best give for someone sad during Christmas time.

ELF Squad Iron On Decals

Elf Squad Iron On Decal

An Elf Squad Iron On Decal is a fantastic way to add some Christmas cheer to your wardrobe. This amusing holiday transfer may be used on almost anything with a home iron or heat press! You may make your own DIY Christmas presents. Make your own bespoke personalized holiday presents to save money! Transfers are long-lasting and machine-washable.

Use the same method to create a personalised present for your significant other, wedding or party. The heavy-duty paper can withstand several washes and still look brand new. Peel off the papers and apply them to whatever you’d like to cover, then iron on. Instructions are included with each purchase.

christmas iron on heat transfer decals

Christmas Iron On Patches Heat Transfers Stickers

For Christmas clothes decoration, it’s a must. They can be heat transferred to fabric or ironed on by hand, and following the steps in the manual will make your garments more attractive.

A-level Washable, Eco-Friendly Material and waterproof, safely for everyone anything to use (fabric) The patches are cute and lovely for Jeans, T-Shirt, Dress, Shirt, Skirt, Jacket, Bag.

Christmas Iron on transfer

The pack contains three large-size Christmas iron-on patches in a variety of designs that will make your garments or bags stand out. Each flower pattern is approximately 8.6*8.5 inches in size. Dog, dwarf, and Santa Claus are among the Christmas symbols.

The iron-on patches are made of well-crafted embroidered cotton with a hot melt adhesive on the back, making them simple to iron on or sew on. (Please don’t pull off the plastic on the back; it’s glue.)

Christmas Dog Heat Transfer Decals Dogs Puppies stickers

Christmas Iron On Stickers

Cute heat transfers for jackets, jeans, coats, hoodies, sweater, bags, pillows, and more are available. -> Art supplies include decorative patches that may be ironed or heat transferred using a heat transfer machine. They’re simple to use.

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