There are 3 main factors when determining pricing and the layout for your patch. Those included quantity, patch size & amount of embroidery coverage. What is embroidered coverage you ask? Many of our customers have a difficult time when asked how much coverage they need.
Embroidery coverage refers to the amount of embroidery and stitching visible on your patch. Majority of our patch projects run between 75% or 100 % coverage.
With 100% Coverage the patch is completely convered with thread. Versus 75% coverage there is a your color choice twill material for the background that the art and/or text is then embroidered threads created and attached to the twill material.

The embroidered patches illustrated next to this show examples of the difference in coverage. There is significant difference between both options and either but it depends on the art you intend to recreate as a patch.

A general rule of thumb is the more embroidery coverage the higher the pricing is. However, the 100% coverage has a greater overall look.

When determining the amount of coverage for your embroidered patch project you want to consider the elements of your art. We would be happy to look over your art and offer you assistance in whether either option would be best for your patch project.