There is another area of patches that are created, traded and collected by people, both military and civilians alike, and these are called moral patches. Moral patches are non-regulation patches worn and collected by individuals world-wide. They are typically fun and uplifting and can serve to ‘raise the moral’ of the club, group, squadron, unit or membership group they are created for.

This particular patch is an example of a moral patch manufactured for a unit in the US Army. It was designed in full color and in the Army ACU colors, showing off a great example of a laser cut border. No two patches or designs have to be the same. They can be in any shape, size, color or pattern.

Moral patches are unique in that they do not have to follow any regulations for design. We have manufactured hundreds of moral patches for all different groups, from military to boy scouts; troupes to cheer teams. You name the organization and they probably have moral patches for their members.

If you would like to learn more about Morale Patches and see a few of the designs we’ve manufactured; visit our morale patches page.