Love is in the air!

When the world around us is so hectic and chaotic, we may forget the amazing things that are happening and how much love and dedication to help others is being poured into the world.

These lovely people make quilts and blankets, bags and purses, shawls, scarves and many more things and they donate them to help the less fortunate, being people or pets.

Handmade from the heart.

JT Totes – San Diego California – Handmade with Love Woven Labels Made for you with Love by the Blanket Ladies Upland Church of Christ, California Love by Angie TM Love with Ronni.


Embroidered patches, woven labels, heart, love

San Francisco SPCA Embroidered Patches J.B.J.G. [heart] Woven Labels


Let’s pause and breathe and pray or meditate, whatever suits you, into being present, and grateful for the many beautiful things we witness everyday.