What American300 does for my command is outstanding… the fact that they are an all-volunteer nonprofit organization is simply amazing!

– Colonel – United States Marine Corps

We have Great Customers, and it is our Honor to Feature one of our Greatest – American 300 Tours

There are so many organizations out there that many of us are completely unaware exist. We are pleased American 300 welcomed us writing a short feature story on them as it will help shed light on what this non-profit group does to strengthen and enrich our military and their families. 100% Volunteer based; their mission is to:

“Increase the resilient capabilities of our American Armed Forces Members, their families and the areas which they lie and operate aroudn the world”


American 300 Tours is a company whose primary focus is to strengthen the value of individuals with our Troops serving all over the world. Their subject matter resiliency experts’ spend quality time with Service Members, and they offer more than just personal stories and experiences, but a seasoned ear and shoulder for the Troops that are heavy in experience. The effectiveness of their program shows in their end result: growing from the exchanges in a positive and productive manner which in turn, develops a strong sense of hope and understanding.

How you Can Help American 300 Tours

We wanted to give our customers and readers and opportunity to learn more about American 300. Click on THIS LINK to see how you can help support this great mission for our military and their families. Like them on Facebook and follow their tours throughout the world.

American 300 Tours

The Solution

Our role is to fill one simple detail in the grand scheme for American 300 Tours. We supply them with all of their patches and coins. Their hats, their lapels, their shirts are all branded with our products and we are thrilled to partner with them on this very worthy quest. Here is a brief look at a few of the items we have made for American 300.

American 300 on hat
American 300 factory proof

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