HEIGHT LIFE Apparel – Customer Feature


Marcus Edwards started this great new apparel company. The idea began to develop when HE was in high school. People always used to told him that his story was interesting, so he developed a way to share it with his followers. During his freshman year in college, a lecture from another successful brand team reignited the idea for him to create a line that will inspire others. He wanted to become an entrepreneur but didn”t quite know where to begin. After college, his first story was about my testimony in life, which became the HEIGHT LIFE story. It gained a ton of popularity after he shared it on Facebook. From there, he started receiving messages about how I can do so much with my story. That”s when he decided to launch a lifestyle apparel brand to inspire others the way many people have inspired me. People believing in him, inspired him, and helped him along his journey is what led him to start HEIGHT LIFE.



HEIGHT LIFE is a constant reminder that you are possible. It’s accepting what you have been through and making a decision to become successful. It’s living a way that will allow you to be happy and at your best. It’s making it to the ‘top,’ whatever that top is for you. HEIGHT LIFE is a source of inspiration and for people to feel supported as they travel along their journey.


He really has no idea where he will be in 10 years. He’s never made a business plan or projected where HEIGHT LIFE would be in the years to come.

I’m just going to keep following my path, trusting my instincts, and taking small steps. I hope to have a successful brand, but success is relative. I’ll write a post in 10 years to let everyone know where my steps have taken me (hopefully, you all will still be with me in 10 years).


HEIGHT LIFE’s attitude best describes the aesthetic of the brand. It’s very simple. The HEIGHT LIFE attitude is about believing in yourself and knowing your potential. That belief fuels the ambition and determination necessary to achieve. It really is a lifestyle brand and in each individual’s life it’s up to them to choose the outcome.

Height life

‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me.’

The decision is yours. It’s up to us to create the lives we want. Ask yourself, how bad do you want it? HEIGHT LIFE story.