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Aubrey R. Jemmott is the founder and owner of Ebony Majestic Clothing; A New York City based clothing business.

Born in the streets of Queens, New York, what started off as a College project in 2007 is now an Urban Clothing Line that’s starting to create a powerful presence within the street wear community. Hailing from the Mecca of music and fashion, New York gives them all of the inspiration they need to keep producing the quality designs they have create for the street.  Currently their clothing line is being offered in several upscale boutiques in the NYC area, with what promised to be more to come.


What inspired Aubrey was an overall passion to be successful.

 I believe you are passionate about what you love doing because you won’t mind dedicating all your time to it. My inspiration comes from seeing all the other well known brands in stores, and working to have mine become just as famous as theirs.

Ebony Majestic Clothing was motivated to start their business by an overall desire to combine their artistic ability,with a love of fashion, and express that passion to the public. I wanted to build a brand that provided genuine quality, unique designs, and long lasting comfort.

They are looking forward to continually providing unique and original designs to be worn, as well as provide an outlet for people that want to be heard.

We believe being original is very important in this day and age. We feel that our brand has always been original, and created designs that reflected that.  We love to meet the people that support our brand, and get to know them, and why they decided to purchase something we put out.

They truly appreciate their clientele that supports them.   As their brand gets bigger,  they are working hard to expand and  get placed in more boutiques and stores with the ultimate goal of opening a storefront of their own.    They would like to provide and outlet to give independent designers a chance to sell their brands in their store; constantly showcasing new talent.

This September 30th, 2019 marked their 10 years in business.

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What’s Ahead?

Ebony Majestic is currently working on their Spring / Summer collection for 2015 that will be in stores just around the corner.   An exciting new venture for Ebony Majestic is they are beginning to start interviewing and putting a spotlight on upcoming Music Artists that are looking to gain more exposure.   This is an excellent fit for their brand and a great idea for a company who likes to let the voices of the public be heard.

I you are interested in seeing more of Ebony Majestic, learning about their brand and checking out their line of clothes; you can view their products and inquire about purchasing by going to their blog-site or visit their Instagram page at “ebonymajesticnyc”.


We have been making the Ebony Majestic clothing label since 2010, and have enjoyed seeing the reorders come in knowing it means they are having success out there in this marketplace.   As a company, it’s not always just about the product or the sale; it’s also about learning who our customers are and watching companies who work with us grow from ideas into realities.   It’s rewarding to see a new company thrive and  succeed in this very popular fashion category and we at Sienna Pacific, are thrilled they chose to partner with us for their branding needs.


Our overall experience  with Linx Corp. so far has been fantastic! We’ve never had an issue regarding anything, and we are always provided with the best customer service.   The service has always been timely and reasonable. We’ve never had any issues regarding not being able to meet deadlines do to production, or any unforeseen circumstances.

This is the kind of feedback we like to hear from our customers.   It’s especially nice when we know they are also in the customer service industry and recognize that customers, like they are for us,  their clients are for them…can choose to go anyplace they want for business.


We encourage you to visit Ebony Majestic Clothing‘s Website and, if you happen to live in the NYC area, visit one of the boutiques on the list of shops that stock their great line of products and check them out for yourself.