The marketplace for men’s accessories and fashion tends to be somewhat conservative and traditional. From suits and ties to formal wear and casual wear; historically, all scopes of men’s fashion has leaned heavily on the basic colors of ‘power’. Navy Blue, Black and Brown. That is, until Caroline Driggs hit the scene in 2011!

Caroline was inspired to start her business of selling gentlemen’s bow ties, cummerbunds and pocket squares because she felt that most of the available options were not only overpriced, but hard to come by for those clients that are not living in a major city. There is no reason fun and high fashion trends cannot be purchased by anyone from any small town anywhere! Let alone, find exciting new designs and creative looks at a reasonable price point. She has opened up this marketplace and bridged the gap between the traditional colors to the trendy. You may have seen one of her bow ties or pocket squares being worn on college campuses around the United States or worldwide, with her reach now being global in all countries (except Africa and Antarctica).

Caroline’s son was her main motivation. When in college, the options for him and his friends were so limited. They wanted to look sharp and hip, not traditional and drab. As she started creating bow ties for him and his friends, the word of mouth spread and her popularity grew. She decided to take the plunge and dive into her own business.

Couture fashion is not new for Caroline. She received her start at a couture design studio where she honed in on her sewing skills and developed her eye for color and design. With a background also in photography, opening an online store selling on Etsy has been a perfect fit allowing her to work all of her skill set. As she stated, ‘I am not interested in expanding to run a huge commercial enterprise but have grown the business to where it provides me with a $60,000 turnover per year and allows me to spend my work time doing something I love. Selling on Etsy allows me to have a global reach, be involved in every aspect of my business and use my photography skills as part of my marketing effort.’

Aqua flamingos 1We were thrilled when she sought our company out to help her produce her labels for her line of menswear accessories. It is always great to see a business thrive. Small business’ are the backbone of what we do and learning their individual stories is very motivating and inspirational for us. Every order is important to our company and we love learning more about the people and the business behind the label.

Testimonial from Caroline.

‘The labels that I buy from Linx are an integral piece of my bow ties – they are recognizable and their eye catching simple appeal is an important part of the whole package when I ship ties. Presentation is vital and the woven labels are perfect for my needs adding a professional flourish to my products. I use one of your labels as the banner for my Etsy shop – which is a significant compliment to Linx Corporation as it says to customers: here is a shop with a professional approach and a great sense of design.’

Working with Linx has been a dream – your prices are fair, your customer service (shout out to Becky) is fantastic, your turnaround is speedy and I couldn’t be happier. I will keep working with you as long as we are both in business!’

We thank Carolina at CCADesigns for trusting us as her source for quality labels.

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CCADesigns offers an attractive and affordable way for men to make a fashion statement, all the while, you are supporting a small US based business when you buy one of these unique products. This is a hands-on, high quality product that is serving a very important niche in the fashion world. With each accessory handmade by Caroline, she see’s her creations as, ‘little ambassadors going out into the world.’

Keep a watch out for this great company as her plans for the future include a steady growth upwards! You can find her ties and other accessories And, if you are wondering about her popularity, just check out her Facebook page. 13,000 people can’t be wrong! The best part of her Facebook page is she posts pictures of ‘her ties in action.’ She also shares the production process because it’s a fun way to connect on a personal level with her customers.

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