Featuring our Client – The Extreme Cruiser


One of the great things we have discovered as we started this campaign of featuring our clients, is how extremely diverse they are. From high end suits designed in NYC, to the rugged hills of Oregon, our labels reach every corner of the globe. his blog is featuring a product for a very specific customer, the forester.

Kerri Robins is the owner and creator of the company THE EXTREME CRUISER. The motivation behind her company and the product design came out of necessity. Her nephew is a forester and he couldn’t find a vest that would hold all of his necessary tools as we worked and hiked into the forest miles a day. She has an MFA in Theater Design and he came to her for ideas. With that motivation, Kerri went to work and THE EXTREME CRUISER was designed.

img_0014-320103478_The very first vest was worn at a logging conference. Once loggers and foresters saw the vest, people started calling before the conference was even over to order a vest for themselves. It was decided then to get patent and set up a business. Now, outdoor professionals who have to handle the most rugged conditions are able to free up their hands and carry all that they need right on their bodies.

Protection and function are key elements and a necessity with the most popular of forestry equipment brands. CaptureThe Extreme Cruiser is a heavyweight nylon, rugged vest that is expertly crafted. This is a hardworking vest that can carry gear, repel water, allow layering, and still look great.

Her intention is to provide the best quality materials and the highest level of workmanship possible. And, based on the popularity of her now, larger line of products for the forester, this Southern Oregon based company is proven to be the real deal, and the best part of all is that it is all Made in the USA!


For Kerri, the design needed to be durable and as reliable as the items it was being sewn in to. This was achieved for THE EXTREME CRUISER and another customer is happy with their end results.

I had a great experience working with LinxCorp to design my labels. The label is as beautiful as we imagined and we got exactly what we wanted. The saleswoman that helped was truly valuable and patiently answered all of my questions. I will work with them as long as I am in business and I’m getting ready to order more labels as soon as my new artwork is done!