In this opportunity, we thought it would be great to show the progression of a patch from sketch, design through final product.

We chose this laser cut patch because it just looks great! It is to our eyes the poster child of the possibilities of laser cut patches: the intricate shape and the quality of the detail.

Laser cut patches can be a little tricky to design, especially those from very intricate designs, as much as we would like to provide every little in-and-out of the design, somethings are just impossible for the machine to do.

Kastari-LaserCut-PatchUsually you start with the main design, and then you need to add a background, similar to a mat, where the design will be sitting, i nthis case we used a very subtle white color to unify the design throughout  the laser cut shape.

Kudos to the production team, as the final laser cut patch turned out great.

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