If you are looking for meaningful apparel, designed with a story and purpose, you should check our good friend’s website : SFH Apparel here is their story:

Tell Us About Your Company

Sent From Him Apparel (https://sfhapparel.com). Our mission is to team-up with Christian Ministries worldwide and spread the word of Christ through Spirit filed messages on fashionable clothing wear. Sent From Him Apparel will efficiently, competitively, and technologically provide quality and fashionable t-shirts at affordable prices for consumers, while growing from a small start-up business to a household brand name.

What inspired you?

Our President Mr. Dexter Williams received a word from God and was instructed to minister and evangelize God’s word through Christian apparel.  The word from God is ultimately what inspired our company to start and motivates us to reach and minister to the masses.

Does your business have a philanthropic purpose (for example)?

As a Christian organization we are always looking to give back to the community! Currently, we producing breast cancer awareness shirts and will be donating fifty percent of the proceeds to a breast cancer organization.

What are your goals?

We would love for Sent From Him Apparel to become a household name!

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for a year and a half.

Do you have any new projects upcoming for the future?

Yes, we are currently in the process of creating other cancer awareness shirts that offer scriptural encouragement as well as networking with churches.

Where can people find you/your products (please provide a link to your gallery or online store)

People can check us out online at the link below! Also, if consumers have any questions about our products they can reach us via phone or email. https://sfhapparel.com

About Working With SiennaPacific.com (LINX Corporation)

Overall, how was your experience working with us?
Working with your company has been fantastic! You guys offer great customer service with a great price and product.

Did we provide timely service?

The product (center fold damask labels)turn around is always quick which is very important to us.

Did we help answer all your questions?


Would you work with us again?


Visit them at Sent From Him Apparel (https://sfhapparel.com)