You want to make custom woven labels for your product line but are starting from scratch in creating your own branded logo. To do this you will have to decide the text, font style and color scheme.

With a thread chart of over 200+ colors to choose from the decision can become overwhelming. You can simplify your decision by narrowing your search down with your sales rep deciding between three types of thread choices.

Depending upon your personal preference and company brand you can determine which thread style: matte, satin like or metallic thread represents your logo best.

With our “Julia Needlman” woven labels she wanted the text ‘custom creations’ to stand out with a color other than black on tan background. She requested a yellow gold thread color to represent her logo best on her products. We would have had a hard time choosing the correct thread color for our customer request and went ahead and created 3 versions of a yellow gold thread to choose from:

  • Option 1: Matte Yellow/Gold thread.
  • Option 2: Satin like Yellow/Gold thread.
  • Option 3: Metallic Yellow/Gold thread.

As you can see each option expresses a different style to choose from. Whether you prefer matte, satin like and/or metallic the chose is yours.

Choose creatively & wisely!