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A great option for woven labels is woven on satin.

So what is the difference between damask woven labels and damask woven labels on satin material?

Well, damask woven labels are made of 100% polyester threads. The background material whether it be white or black or red or blue it is also covered with that same thread color. This label is soft and durable.

For a woven label on satin material the background material is not polyester it is satin. We offer white or black satin only. The text and/or artwork are woven into the satin material. This label is also soft and durable but the satin material has a sheen to it.

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Why would I choose a satin background over polyester? Both are great and both are durable but if you want a smooth background with a ‘sheen’ to it, then a satin background is the way to go.

“Woven on Satin” Woven Labels are great for high end clothing, wedding dresses, baby clothing, robes and scarves.