Heat-Seal Labels are the perfect labels for those who just don’t have the time to sew in every care label before our product hits the marketplace. A care label that is printed on a vibrant Poly/Cotton Label that will adhere to your garments and products without a needle and thread. Just a little heat!

The Heat Seal Poly/Cotton labels are simple.

Your logo design will be printed on to this heat seal poly cotton material that will look effortlessly embedded into your product once applied. The recommended application is a temperature setting of 325F – 375F for approximately 2 seconds per label. What can be simpler than that!

The best part is the ink and label are estimated to last (with normal wear and washing) for up to 3 years.


Quite often where you see this type of label is with swim wear and undergarments. Because heat-seal labels can be placed on the inside of the waistband, or just about anyplace you would like. Please keep in mind, it will be important to speak to a sale representative, because as versatile as this label is, there is always limitations to what a label can achieve, so knowing your end-result goals will be imperative to choosing the correct label for you.

What’s the most common size for Heat Seal Labels?

A typical size for this type of label is: 2″ x 1″ or 1.5″ x 0.5″. We can also print your labels in 1 color, which is the most economical, and all the way to a 4 color process, which adds a little cost but is often worth the few extra pennies per label for an intricate design.

This is also an often overlooked label without the heat seal. Please consider reading our recent article on the Versatility of Printed Poly Cotton to learn more about this medium for the printed label.

If you have an interest in our Poly Cotton Printed Labels, please follow this link to our page dedicated to this type of label and complete the free quote form so that we can help you with your project.