Finish off your homemade knitting products with professional looking personalized knitting labels. From furniture and clothes to bag & accessories the sky is the limit with this market for products. Many people have beautiful handmade knitted products that do not get the right recognition and professional credit they deserve for all the hard work and effort put into them.

A custom woven or printed label is the perfect way to move your business from a start up project to a successful thriving business.

Labels are a big part of building your brand identity. Creating a brand for your items also means that customers will associate you with things they love, making them more likely to purchase from you in the future.

A label that includes the name of your business, your own name and/or logo instantly transforms your homemade knitted item into a professional looking piece that could match up to any of the well known name brands out there.

Clothing labels can include anything from the company name, your name, phone number, web address and/or care instructions so that the customers can easily find you if they want to purchase products from you..

If you are on a budget our minimum order quantity for custom clothing labels is just 100 pieces for woven and 300 pieces for printed making your small investment easily feasible to add labels.

You have spent a lot of time creating a masterpiece and now it needs to be cared for correctly.

It is time to label your products correctly learn more about woven labels.

Putting your brand on your homemade products is like sending each product out with your own personal stamp of approval. You are creating a name for yourself, the product, and showing your customers what makes your products one of a kind.