“Kick Off The New Year” Giveaway – January 2012

“Kick Off The New Year” Giveaway – January 2012

2012 is here, and in we are very excited for the new opportunities it will present us. We launched our giveaways in the first quarter of 2011  and they have been such a success with our customers, we couldn’t been more grateful.

December’s giveaway was a hit: our amazing Facebook fans posted beautiful pictures of them, their families, their traditions, their products…. Thank you for sharing them with us !

In 2012 we will keep our new little giveaway tradition but with a new launching date: our giveaways will be open the 2nd Wednesday of every month and will end on the following Tuesday. As usual we will be sending an email announcing it and of course it will also be announced in our blog and in our Facebook Page (https://facebook.com/siennapacific).

And now to our giveaway…..

Let’s Kick Off the New Year with some FREE products!

The Prize:

200 Custom Woven Labels – up to a 2″ average size
A credit of $175 to be used in your next order (valid for 3 months)

How To Participate?

  1. 1.Be a Facebook Fan. Just head on to https://facebook.com/siennapacific and click on the “like” button…
  2. 2.Leave a comment on this blog post. Answering the question:What are your New Year Resolution(s) to improve your (new or established) business in 2012?
  3. 3.How to get extra entries?. Because pictures speak loudly than words, we would like you to share those resolutions with our Facebook fans:
    Share pictures with New Year’s Resolution related message.

The Rules

-Giveaway is open Wednesday January 11th @ 7:00am PST and it will close Tuesday January 17th at 11:59 pm PST.
-The winner will be announced on our blog and on our Facebook Page on Wednesday January 18th.
-You MUST be a Facebook Fan
-You MUST leave a comment in this blog post (1 entry)
-For every picture you post in Facebook you will get 1 extra entry (Max. 5 entries per fan)

For more information about our Giveaways please visit Sienna Pacific Giveaways.

Good luck to everyone and we wish you the best of success for 2012!

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Published on: January 11th, 2012

Comments (15)


  1. Susan Butler says:

    For my other divisions, I want to get all of my started projects completed!

  2. Susan Butler says:

    I start my new division of products this year so I am going to focus on my marketing!

  3. I am working hard on getting my accessories to launch the same time as my clothing line!

  4. Mindy says:

    My New Year Resolutionis to start my new fashion line in 2012? Logo, lables, then etsy and I’m ready to go!

  5. Lindsey Austin says:

    My goal is to finally take the plunge and start selling some of the bags & gifts I love to sew so much. I had a friend design a logo, so I’m off to a good start!

  6. Get an office space to work out of.

  7. For 2012 my husband and I are looking for new ways to expand our business. The future looks bright for Partridge Hill Gardens!

  8. Hannah Hicks says:

    2012: Save more money so i can buy more labels and such so my clothes look better.

  9. Ben Smith says:

    My new years resolution is to add more and new product to mt website.

  10. vanessa says:

    My new years resolution is to get out there!
    I want to get my HOFMONSTERS in some stores!
    I want to find more ARTS & CRAFTS fairs that feature 100% handmade!

  11. Kari says:

    One of my business goals for 2012 is to be better organized and use my time more effectively!

  12. Liesl Brand says:

    Resolution 2012: To design and sell my products via my own company web-site.

  13. Norma Heller says:

    Also to go on my shiny new etsy site (did I mention figuring out how to use paypal was a resolution?) are Mario Stars: Friends to anyone who likes video games.


  14. Norma Heller says:

    Another one of my resolutions is to launch an etsy site, which would keep me in practice even if I have a lazy day (ideally).

    I’ve been making these as gifts and would definitely have them posted. They’re cupcake hot pads!


  15. Norma Heller says:

    My new year’s resolutions are to continue working on a costuming portfolio, which is what I will use to show when I apply for costuming jobs in 2012.

    Here is one of my current projects: http://swearandreconsider.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/img_1437.jpg

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