Many of our customers are start-ups and homemakers who are in pursue of their dreams of running a small to medium-size apparel/clothing line.

They start by creating their items at home, and the manufacturing process of these items varies from customer to customer: some are seamstress, knitters, crocheters, quilters.

The range of items they produce varies as well. Some create clothing for babies, kids, pets, others prefer to make accessories and decorative items such as purses, quilts, pillows and curtains, and many more.

Independently of the size of their business, they are all looking for two things: Success and Minimize Expenses. Sometimes these two goals go hand in hand, but sometimes they just don’t.

Such is the case of marketing and branding expenses, and this includes adding custom designed clothing labels, which are then permanently attached to their products usually by sewing them onto them.

There is a small variety of custom labels that can be used for clothing and handmade items, with the two most popular styles being printed and woven labels.

Do-It-Yourself Clothing Labels (Printed)

At the beginning of their promotion efforts, some people tend to go for the “do-it-yourself” printed label solution, which can work on some cases, especially if you think you will only need 10 or 20 labels. People usually buy a material to print on, being a twill ribbon or just using some kind of cotton fabric which is then fed as a sheet to the printer. In either solution, you use transfer paper to print your design, and then iron it on to the chosen material.

This solution can work for some, and although they can look ok in some items, they are not recommended for those items that will be washed often, as the ink tends to fade with the sad consequence of your brand being “washed away”. Due to the nature of this process, the edges of these labels are not sealed and without proper treatment they will tend to fray.

Professionally Made Clothing Labels (Woven)

This option is chosen by start-up business owners who are more willing to take the “risk” of investing a little bit more in branding their new business. The minimum quantities for woven labels used to be around 1,000 but (in our case) they have recently be lowered to only 100 labels. These labels are manufactured by weaving polyester threads and forming a “woven ribbon strip”, which is then heat cut and folded (when requested) by industrial machinery.

The main advantages of woven labels is their durability and the professional image that they will bring to your brand and your products.

Our Recommendation

There is not a one-size-fits-all answer to the questions: “Which is the best label for my products?” but as a general rule, a woven label will be a better investment for your BUSINESS, however if you are testing the waters and still consider yours a HOBBY then maybe the Do-It-Yourself solution is the right option for you.

If you are a business owner and want to portray a professional and established image for your products, then by all means, choose a woven label to represent you and your brand.

Samples of Woven Labels for Handmade Products

We have compiled a somewhat sample of woven labels we have manufactured in the past for our customers. As you can see, size, design, colors, folds are different for each one and they can be adjusted for your labels as well.

You can browse these samples to get an idea of what others have done and then feel free to contact us to let us know your preferences, questions or maybe just to get an professional opinion about your design, your labels, your project. We will gladly guide you in the right direction, the one that will satisfy your taste and goals and budget.

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