woven labelsMarketing products in today’s economy can be a tough road to maneuver. Clothing lines that have been in business for awhile are pursued, due to positive reviews or even status. Apparel labels for well-known companies can often be recognized from a distance. Many companies use bold symbols or colors to make the labels stand out and be recognized.

Consumers are becoming more conscious about the items they buy, particularly clothing. A potential buyer will scour over any label, checking to find out what it’s made from, where it was made, and how difficult it will be to maintain. Because of this, the information placed on the label is of utmost importance. Consumers know what they want, and will be checking to make sure that what they are buying meets their needs in every aspect.

Even handmade products are now being marketed and sold with custom clothing labels that help promote the creator’s identity and will help sell even more items. Even Grandma can crochet an item and finish it with a customized label, showing who the item has been created for and who designed it with love.

Certain designers put great effort into the concept of an eye-catching label. This label, which would include the designer’s brand name and logo, can quickly become the sought after item that everyone wants. Clothing lines have been marketed with labels on the outside of clothes, name brand and logo printed on shirts, etc. When the detail put into a label results in more consumers deciding they “need” to have it, the designer knows the effort was put to good use.

Now that certain companies are marketing “tagless” clothing lines, the appearances of traditional labels have taken new direction. Cloth labels, screen-printed labels, high definition woven labels, etc. are creating even more unique ways to help market a brand.

woven labels

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No matter what a label is made of, or how it is presented on an item, the label will remain the go-to resource for shoppers looking for a certain size, make up, or brand. Creating a label that is easy to find and easy to read could be the deciding factor in someone’s purchasing decision.

woven labelsWhatever the product is, the label should be easy to spot and designed to grab attention. Plain tags with black letters on white cloth are fine, but designers that create more interesting labels are realizing that it is the label, just as much as the clothing line, that is the real trend.

There are certain people who claim to only purchase certain “labels”, certain clothing lines that they have decided are exactly what identifies them as a person. Teenagers are notorious for starting clothing trends based solely on a certain brand name or label. Once one high school student starts that trend, everyone else will want to be seen wearing the same label.

Custom clothing labels, which have been created by a designer to personalize an item, can result in bigger sales for a clothing line. Consumers understand that, when a designer takes the effort to personalize a label, the item itself will be made with superior attention to detail. The beauty is in the details. Consumers are more interested in the all-natural, handmade with love, approach today more than ever. Mass produced clothing that comes from questionable origins are starting to falter behind original clothing lines that put in that extra effort to make their items more original.

In today’s market, there are numerous copies of the same clothing items. Original designers who become successful are plagued with knock-off brands trying to cash in on the profits. When a consumer walks up to a rack with fifty shirts that look the same, the decision to purchase will come down to the label. Which shirt is purchased could be the result of the one that is made from certain materials, made in America, or is a certain brand name. The importance of this information being readily available to consumers is paramount.

Make it simple or make it bold, but make sure every creation contains your own custom apparel label. If your clothing line starts flying off shelves, or your handmade items start selling like hotcakes, it will be that custom label that consumers will be looking for to confirm they are buying exactly what they want.

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