1. What is the minimum font size I can use, and still be readable?

Using Arial Normal as the standard font, the minimum recommend font size for legibility  is 8pt for Woven Labels and 5pt for Printed Clothing Labels

2. Which is the safest label style for children’s products (Worried about CPSIA)?

-Woven labels are CPSIA Exempt (unless you are using metallic threads)
-Printed labels need a CPSIA Certificate of Compliance.

3. About the Number Of Colors…

If you are looking to have clothing labels made and your design has more than 4 colors, your best bet is a Woven Label, as the price is generally not affected by the number of colors on the label (*).

Go ahead, Go wild, use as many colors as you want (*)

(*) Price is the same for up to 8 Thread Colors

4. Best Clothing Label Style for Start-up Companies.

If this is the first time you are ordering professional-looking clothing labels, and your design has more than 2 colors, your best option is a woven label. Minimum ordering quantity is only 100 pieces and they are priced the same for 1,2 or up to 8 thread colors.

Still undecided? Visit https://www.siennapacific.com/blog/clothing-labels/woven-vs-printed-labels/ and read more about the reasons you should order Woven or Printed Clothing Labels.