18 Clothing Brand Marketing Ideas in the Digital World

Clothing Brand Marketing Ideas

What clothing brands are doing in the digital world? You might be surprised! We have collected 18 clothing brand marketing ideas that you can use to get your clothing line out there. From social media campaigns, to creating a blog, these tips will help any clothing company get ahead of the competition.

Clothing brand marketing ideas to reach the right audience and close more sells

In the digital world nowadays there are thousands or infinite ways to promote your business online, but how to know which one is better for us?  The answer is easy and complex at a time: first you have to discover where is your audience . So our special list is made to help you identify the channel that better fit your needs.

Clothing Brand Marketing Ideas

1 . Brand your Clothing Line

Before starting, always remember to keep a consistent image across all your channels. Defining our style is not always easy and  we must accept the fact that we need to improve and keep working on it. But if you work hard enough, soon or later your clothing line will become a brand.

There are several kind of Clothing Labels, be sure you do your research before choosing the ones that better fits your fashion line. At Sienna Pacific we are a US based Custom Clothing Labels Supplier specialized in Custom Woven Labels, Custom Printed Satin Labels, Soft Rubber PVC Labels, Hang Tags and many others.

2. Create an attractive clothing website with an online store using Shopify or WordPress / WooCommerce. 

Your clothing company needs to have its own space in the digital world so take time designing and creating a nice layout for your site: this is a great clothing brand marketing idea.

You can easily create an online clothing shop with WordPress / Woocommerce which you will find both free and paid solutions .

When it comes to online clothing stores Woocommerce or Shopify are the best options for clothing companies since they both offer great templates and nice designs so why don’t start selling clothes right now?

3. Promote your website with Google Ads and Go to the Top in Search Results

Using Google Ads is by far the best place where to start promoting your clothing brand,  clothing company or clothing line. There are many clothing companies that think about SEO and link building when it comes to clothing brand marketing ideas but the best thing you can do is promoting your website with Google Ads since this is a powerful tool. Google Ads help you  directly promote your clothing website through the ads on Google’s search engine, where you will be able to choose the keywords related to your clothing business and target them.

Even though it can seem difficult at first this clothing company marketing strategy is very easy. You only need to create an account with Google Ads which takes less than five minutes , and then you will be able to start creating your clothing company marketing plan . The first step is choosing the keywords that best describe your clothing brand, and from there it’s as easy as creating a clothing ad with an engaging image.

4. Apply blogging and SEO as an Inbound Marketing Strategy

The blog is a powerful tool

A blog can be useful for many reasons, from branding your clothing line to improving the SEO of your page and increase its visibility in search engines like Google or Bing . In addition it’s important that you offer quality contents related to the fashion world since this will help you in the clothing brand marketing .

After creating a beautiful website and applying blogging as part of your clothing company marketing plan, it’s time to start applying SEO.

SEO is necessary for any successful business online but even more when you are working with a fashion related brand since this type of industry has very specific keywords that can be hard to conquer otherwise .

You need to work on improving the overall quality of what you already created from content writing techniques, optimizing images , readability and other aspects in order to make them search engine friendly.

There are many WordPress Plugins to help you optimize your content, one of the most popular ones is called Yoast.

5. Generate traffic to your website from multiple patforms

Having a nice website means nothing if you don’t have people visiting it. That’s why generating traffic to your website should be one of the top priorities when thinking about clothing company marketing ideas .

There are several platforms where you can promote your business and attract new visitors, from organic searches on Google, Facebook ads , Twitter Ads or even Pinterest.

You will need a lot of trial and error in order to see what works best for your clothes brand but after some time you will get familiar with everything. If this is not something that interests or worries you then there are agencies out there where might find someone who would love doing all these things instead!

6. Build an Interlinking SEO Strategy

Another important thing to do when working on your clothing company marketing ideas is building an interlinking SEO strategy.

Everything you create will be improved by adding links that point towards the other pages of your site, which will give more value to them and make it easier for people who might want to visit those pages too.

It’s a pretty easy task but many companies forget about doing this which leads us back at first place where we started… creating engaging content!

The best way to start thinking about linking strategies is knowing what page are already ranking high in Google. You can find all these data through tools like Moz or Ahrefs , they basically work as search engines for websites with results showing how popular every single one of them are.

Make sure to do research on what keywords are ranking high for your specific industry and start creating new pieces of content that will be linked too.

7. Target your audience on Instagram

Instagram is a social network that’s mainly based on visuals and since we are talking about fashion related clothing company marketing ideas, this platform can be a very powerful tool.

If you already have an Instagram account then the first thing to do is start analyzing your feed and see how many people follow you , which posts did better than others in terms of likes or comments and what kind of products do they usually like.

This information will help you make more sense out of everything when it comes to working with hashtags for example, knowing where most people comment from (location), if there are any specific days when more engagement takes place etc… . These little details might seem irrelevant but once combined together they will allow you create something new! One way to find inspiration is looking at the top Instagram hashtags in your industry, which you can find through sources like Social Blade or similar websites.

Creating engaging content for this platform is pretty much the same as doing it on Twitter but there are some differences when it comes to strategies… The perfect example would be using Stories instead of Posts!

8. Narrow your audience Doing A/B testing with Facebook Ads

Do you know how many people use facebook?  it’s a lot, and that makes facebook one of the top places where you can start promoting your clothing brand.

One of the best things about Facebook is how easy it is to target people with ads. You will be able to choose from hundreds or thousands different criteria according to gender, age range, location etc.

However if you want to fully control your Facebook Campaign it is better to do it from Facebook Business, there you would be able to set up your A/B Testing option to make experiments that will allow you to improve your message and find the right audience.

9. Create a successful clothing collaboration strategy that will improve sales:

One of the best ways to get more exposure and grow while doing so is creating special collaborations with other brands. 

This can be done in several ways, such as having a pop up shop or selling their products on your site. Being creative and thinking outside of the box when it comes to this type of marketing strategy will help you make money fast! Share some examples like how Supreme did it with Louis Vuitton… 

Collaborating with another brand means getting access to new customers but also sharing audiences which makes both sides benefit . You should always do something unique because companies are already together all the time nowadays, for example Supreme’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton was a huge success because it is something that people would not expect from both parties.

10. Retarget visitors who visited the shopping cart without placing an order

One of the advantages of running your own online store is that you can place tracking codes from Google or from Facebook to do remarketing.

This is a very effective Clothing company marketing strategy that can give you great results. When users visit your shopping cart and then leave, they might receive an ad from Facebook showing them the products again so they could come back to buy them if they were interested in doing it before .

If this doesn’t interest you or sounds complicated don’t worry since there are plenty of agencies out there who will be able to help you with all these things! All what you have to do is just picking up the phone and calling someone!

11. Show up in Youtube

As Youtube belongs to Google, in order to show your ads on Youtube, you have to do it from a Google Ads account. With Google Video Ads you can  create a campaign for your clothing business and show up in the “related videos” section of Youtube.

Many clothing brands promote their products using Video Ads, for instance:  Uniqlo, Calvin Klein or Marc Ecko. This is a great way to generate sales specially if you are creative enough to call the attention of people! Authenticity is one of the keys of today’s marketing successful campaigns.

A good strategy here would be using Youtube influencers that have a lot of authority in their field , they might even promote your clothing company by making some videos about how much they like one of your products . If done right, these strategies can bring huge results so don’t miss out on any opportunity!

12. Create landing pages to capture emails

You have probably heard about how important it is to generate leads at some point or another but did you know what are good ways to do so? The most common way would be creating opt-in forms where people provide their information such as name and email address . This will allow you to start communicating with them without even giving away anything just yet.

13. Add a mailing list to your website 

In other words, you can add a section on your site that people can subscribe in order to receive emails from you. First of all, this will allow them to keep track of the newest arrivals and sales without searching too much within social media networks , secondly it’s also an easy way for you to contact them if there’s something new coming up!

14. Create polls with Google Forms 

When creating forms where people need to provide information about themselves like their name or email address make sure every field is required (meaning they have no choice but filling out everything). You should do the same when creating Polls because by doing so; not only are people more likely to complete whatever task you require them to do but also because Google Forms only allows questions that require a choice between two options.

15. Promote products using Pinterest Ads 

As different people come from unique backgrounds it’s very likely they will be interested in buying specific things , which makes companies more effective at finding their target audience . In other words, if someone likes sports cars he/she might not necessarily want to buy an economy car so what should you do? Well, all these profiles can be found on Pinterest and this is why when you create an ad with Pinterest Ads not only does it show up within that particular network but also on Google search results.

There are many different ways in which people can find what they need online , for instance through social media or digital platforms . People usually check their inbox before anything else so sending emails might be the right way of reaching out to them (especially if you’re offering free samples). Since emailing requires more effort than checking one’s inbox.

16. Create contests and give away free samples 

What makes sampling so effective when it comes to getting customers’ attention ? Well according to MarketingExperiments .com “because customers enjoy trying new products for free” especially when they have no obligation whatsoever because all they need do is provide their email address or subscribe through media networks. In order words, it’s always better to ask for someone’s permission before sending emails or sharing contacts.

17. Use classifieds like OLX to sell your clothes

Another good idea would be using sites such as OLX where every day millions visit looking for items like yours!

In OLX you can choose to create a new listing or list an item that you want to sell. If it’s the latter, then all you need is adding pictures and relevant details about the product such as name, brand etc. However if this is your first time using OLX don’t forget to add some information since without doing so there will be no way for people to find what they’re looking for!

18. Build an online store featuring your brand with Amazon

Amazon is the world’s most popular e-commerce site and as such it would be a good idea to take advantage of its services. In order for you to do so first register your brand , second dress up your details page and third Build your store front

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