A woven ribbon tape is ideal for displaying your logo continuously and in an evenly spaced sequence.

The most common uses of a woven ribbon tape are in the lining of clothing such as jackets, pants, belts, shirts or even on dog leashes. Our woven tape is of damask quality using 100% polyester threads, same as our damask labels individually cut.

The minimum purchase order is 100 yards. The woven tape is not a continuous tape of material but actually cut strips, e.g., 2-2.5yard strip for 50 strips to total 100 yards. The higher total yards purchased does influence the flexibility in strip length possible in your order.

Woven tapes are quoted on a case-by-case basis because of the individuality they display in the height and the length of your logo.

Determining your woven ribbon tape is easy if you follow the tips below :

First Tip: determine the height of the tape. This includes the area top to bottom you want the tape to be.

Second Tip:determine the live are for your logo. Your individual logo will be duplicated; thus knowing what size you envision the logo to be will re enforce the height and the # of times the logos will appear and it on the total yards.

Third Tip: determine the amount of spacingbetween each logo shown. Whether you are cutting your tape after each individual logo or at a certain length spacing is crucial to the successful application of your woven tape with your logo to your products. Generally speaking most common spacing are between 0.5″-1″ space but not limited to. Often some customers will do spacing evenly after each logo or pair a few together and have one large space to indicate a cut.

Following these tips will be an effective tool to help your sales rep exactly the vision you had in mind so that they can illustrate woven tape into a reality.