The miter fold is a whimsical way to fold your label and display your branded logo on your products. Also referred to as the “hook” label its gets its nickname from using the label to hang its products up. The most common uses for a miter fold label are on collared shirts, robes and/or jackets .

A miter fold is when both ends of the label are folded under at a 45 degree angle and then upward at a 90 degree angle creating a tab to be sewn into the seam of your product. If you take a look at the examples in our gallery page shown it should help illustrate.

Determining how to create your miter folded label can be tricky if you are not a label guru. Here are some easy tips to follow to help you create the perfect miter fold and let your sales rep know exactly what you want.

First Tip: determined the live area for your logo. This includes the width (left to right) and height (top to bottom; not including the tabs) that your logo will be displayed before the folds.

Second Tip:determined the sewing allowance space for the tabs to sew into your product. Generally speaking most common tabs are between 0.25″-0.5″ space but not limited to.

Third Tip: Once you have determined the live area for your logo and the tab sewing allowance you will then have a general idea of the complete size of your label. Your sales rep will then be able to calculate the total label size when the label is laid flat and when the label includes the folds.

If you want to create your own illustration you can easily take a piece of printer paper with a ruler and cut a strip of paper and mark off the live area and the sewing allowance tabs to give you a visual interpretation of your label as will be.