Spread Good Cheer With Lapel Pins

"This entirely volunteer Christmas gift-giving program, sponsored and coordinated by Child and Family Services, Inc. State Office, began in 1971 by individuals who [...]

Featuring Our Customer: Hostile Company Supply

Tell Us About Your Company Hostile Company Supply ( "We Ship Products and Get in Fights." What inspired you? We realized that the [...]

Embroidered Patches: New Materials Available – Updated!

Update We now have reflective twill available. It's so cool how the light bounces on them. So if you are looking for some [...]

Featuring Our Customer: Preston from Sent From Him Apparel

If you are looking for meaningful apparel, designed with a story and purpose, you should check our good friend's website : SFH Apparel [...]

How Do Companies Reward Their Employees with Service Anniversary Pins

You hear it from your friends and/or relatives: someone who works for a medium to large company got awarded an employee anniversary pins [...]

Even the NFL is Reusing Woven Labels

When Nike chairman Phil Knight decided he wanted to give Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a gift for his induction to the Pro [...]

Woven Patches vs Embroidered Patches: What You Need To Know

There are large differences between woven vs embroidered patches.They may not be apparent at first glance, but are readily apparent once you know [...]

Top 3 Styles for Furniture Labels

With so much work you have put into your custom furniture or upholstery, it would be a shame to not brand or label [...]

Menswear Labels for a Custom Clothier

We are very pleased to see how this beautiful satin woven label turned out. It will look great inside the coats that our [...]

Woven Labels For Rugs

As we know woven labels work great not only for clothing and apparel but for home accessories as well. Meet our customer [...]

What Are Good Fonts For Clothing Brands?

  The world of fonts can be extremely overwhelming when you are trying to create your brand, make your statement and investing in [...]

We Love to Help Our Customers Show Their Love!

Love is in the air! When the world around us is so hectic and chaotic, we may forget the amazing things that are [...]

These Lapel Pins Will Boost Your Energy

When the king of all coffee shops asks you to make a lapel pin in the shape of a coffee bean, you might [...]

Woven Tags for a T-Shirt Apparel Company

Stuart Church Apparel Woven Damask Labels A 5/8″ x 2″ damask woven label, center folded. A simple but bold 2-color logo made as [...]

Manhattan Fold Labels For T-Shirt Designers

If you are a t-shirt designer who wants to give your shirts a high-end, sophisticated look to your products, manhattan fold labels are [...]

Top Posts of 2016

When we look back at 2016, there are certain posts that just standout among our readers, and the beauty is, these posts are [...]

PVC Patches for the United States Coast Guard Cutter Sherman

United States Coast Guard Cutter SHERMAN (WHEC –720). The SHERMAN was the sixth of twelve 378 foot high endurance cutters (WHEC's) built for [...]

Lapel Pins to Support a Veteran's Support Foundation

We recently made these beautiful lapel pins for 3XX Foundation, an organization that raises funds for Veterans. From their website: "A UNIQUE ORGANIZATION [...]

Fire Departments Reward Firefighters with Commendation Bars

When Fire Departments recognize the dedication of their service men and women and their outstanding committment to serve, they often use a Commendation [...]

California Firearms Group Gets Branded with Embroidered Patches

ABOUT OUR CUSTOMER Sometimes what makes things impossible for a business to survive, make others thrive, such as the uniquely restrictive laws in [...]

Free Woven Label Design

Labeling Your One of a Kind Quilt

It happens more than anyone will admit it: Crafters put so much effort in creating their beautiful handmade products but fail to recognize [...]

PVC Keychain for Branding a Fire Rescue Equipment Manufacturer

PVC Keychains for Branding a Fire Rescue Equipment Manufacturer

T-Shirt Logo Woven Labels

Morale Patches – A Creative Way to Make a Statement

Who Orders Morale Patches? Or better yet....Who Doesn't? Military - Police - Fire - EMS/EMT - Bikers - AirSoft - Teams - Organizations [...]

Online Tailors

There is a new trend in the men's fashion marketplace. The Custom Made Suit ONLINE. What used to be reserved for traditional tailors [...]

Fabriholic on the road to recovery – Fun Fridays

Fridays are fun. Fun road trips, day trips, but you know which the best ones are.... The ones that take you to the fabric store. :)

Religious Lapel Pins To Honor The Brave

We created this lapel pin for a customer wanting a tie pin for their religious organization. The request was as simple as a [...]

Thread Options for Woven Labels

Not all Labels are the same. With the amount of choices there are when you are deciding to create a woven label, we [...]

You Used My Scissors – Fun Fridays

Fridays are fun. Especially when there is so much fabric to buy over the weekend!