Sienna Pacific November Giveaway

We’re ready for our November Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win:

200 Damask Woven Labels – 2×2
A credit of $175 to be used in your next clothing labels order (valid for 3 months)

We’re still into the Halloween spirit, so, you guessed it right, the theme for our November giveaway is Halloween!!

For our November giveaway all you have to do is: (These two steps are mandatory and they’ll give you one entry for our giveaway)

1. Be a fan of our Facebook Page:
2. Leave a comment on this blog post answering the following question:

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

Additionally, we want to give our fans extra chances to win. Share on Facebook pictures of anything you have done to celebrate Halloween, such as:

- A beautiful costume you made for your little one
- Special designs you have created for the occasion
- Your spooktacular costume!

For every picture you post you will get 1 extra entry (Max 10 entries per fan).

Don’t forget that in order to participate in our giveaways you MUST be a fan of our Facebook Page. If you aren’t a fan yet, go to

The last day to enter is Tuesday November 8th at 11:59 pm. PST and we will announce the winner on our blog and on our Facebook Page on Wednesday 9th.

For more information about our Giveaways please visit Sienna Pacific Giveaways.

Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway!


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Comments (13)


  1. Kari says:

    I didn’t dress up this year, but my toddler and preschoolers were an elephant, dragon and dinosaur!

  2. Laura says:

    I wore curlers in my hair, pajamas and a bathrobe, wore a pair of bifocals and carried a newspaper and a very big cup of coffee. The hardest part was wearing no makeup! but I got tons of laughs!

  3. mary G says:

    I was a pumpkin!

  4. Jennifer Collins-Mancour says:

    I dressed as a Dickens-inspired Black Widow. I uploaded an image on the FB page. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I was a witch – complete with green face, prosthetic nose and chin (with warts), and of course, a broom! :)

  6. Shannon says:


  7. Vannah Martin says:

    I dressed up as a retired Oma scurrying around to bake pies for her husband’s birthday party. Oh, wait! That was no costume. It’s what I really did. :)

  8. I dressed up as Rainbow Brite.

  9. Karen says:

    I didn’t dress up this year. Didn’t have the energy as I am on a medical leave form my job.

  10. Maria Cruz says:

    Maybe I’ll win this month? Good luck to all!

  11. vanessa says:

    I was a Viking!

  12. Mary says:

    Well, I didn’t dress up this year, but last year I went to a party as The Grammar Police. :)

  13. Connie Baker says:

    For halloween I decided to make a memory with my granddaughter who is 13. She dressed like Dorothy and I dressed like the scarecrow. My 1 year old granddaughter dressed like the lion. SO MUCH FUN for someone my age. :)

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